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Eco Startup Pawprint Smashes Crowdfund Target in One Day

Ross Kelly


Eco Startup Pawprint

The Pawprint crowdfund, which remains open, offers people the chance to invest up to £15,000.

Scottish eco startup, Pawprint, has smashed its crowdfunding target in just a matter of hours and added 200 new investors.

Hosted on Crowdcube, the Pawprint crowdfund went live at 8am on Tuesday 14th April. However, within just six hours the startup had beaten its original target of £100,000.

To date, Pawprint has raised £580,000 from backers including Oli Norman of Itison and Kevin Dorren of Dietchef.

Crowdcube co-founder, Luke Lang, said he wasn’t surprised by the public response, stating: “It’s no surprise to me that Pawprint, with its inspiring vision to empower people to fight climate change, has raced into overfunding so quickly.

“People love to back innovative, ambitious businesses who are on a mission to make a difference and Pawprint certainly meets that criteria.”

Set to launch next month, the Pawprint app is a behavioural change platform for the eco-conscious, enabling consumers to monitor and reduce their carbon footprint. Users answer questions on their lifestyle and are able to compare their personal ‘pawprints’ (carbon footprint).

As users reduce their own carbon footprint, they are offered rewards and can compete with friends or colleagues to enhance their positive environmental impact.

Commenting on the crowdfunding, Pawprint founder and CEO Christian Arno said: “We very nearly postponed this crowdfund as we, like everyone else, became immersed in the coronavirus fight.

“But when we checked with people who’d shown an interest in investing, their overwhelming feeling was that they want us to press on and do our bit to fight another global threat. And they want, perhaps with even more resolve, for us to press on and give them something positive to work on.”


Arno added: “Of course, the coronavirus is the UK’s most pressing crisis, but many of us have been impressed witnessing how everyone is pulling together to tackle it.

“The impact our changes in behaviour have so quickly had on the environment also persuaded us that now is the right time to push on with the climate change fight.

“And judging by the crowdfund response, others agree – we now have another 200 people uniting with us in the fight.”

Ross Kelly

Staff Writer

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