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Edinburgh Startup Launches App to Help People Reduce Carbon Footprint

Ross Kelly



Pawprint wants to create a global community so people can share tips on how to reduce their carbon footprints.

An Edinburgh-based eco-tech startup, Pawprint, has joined the fight against climate change following a new collaboration with Small World Consulting.

Working alongside Small World Consulting, led by Mike Berners-Lee, Pawprint will help develop a tracker app described as ‘Strava for lower carbon living’ which aims to cultivate a global community for people looking to share tips on how to reduce their carbon footprints.

The announcement coincides with global media coverage of widespread fires in the Amazon Rainforest; highlighting concerns that continued deforestation and destruction could have a disastrous impact on the global environment and even accelerate global warming.

Pawprint, a help-to-act service for the eco-minded, was founded to help consumers focus their efforts toward fighting climate change.

Consumers will answer a series of questions about their lifestyle as part of the registration process on the Pawprint app, which enables them to compare their personal ‘pawprints’ across four sections, or ‘buckets’ – Home, Diet, Travel and Consumer Goods. Country averages for each section will allow the user to compare their carbon footprint and, as they reduce their impact on the environment, they will be incentivised with rewards to compete with and against their friends or colleagues to amplify their positive impact.

Founder Christian Arno said the inspiration behind the app came from questions raised over his own environmental impact.

“Like most people, I’ve been thinking I was doing my bit for the environment for some time, but now I’ve looked into it and consulted experts, I realise I could have more impact by focusing on different things,” he explained. “But that’s less than half the problem. It’s one thing understanding your footprint, and quite another to lower it on an ongoing basis and to work with friends, colleagues and others elsewhere in the world to pool resources and reduce our collective impact meaningfully.”

Arno said the company has set its an initial first challenge of helping a million people to “make a difference” and to “empower people with clear, scientifically valid and personalised information to make the right choices”.

“We are heavily focused on our mission of helping a million people to make a different,” he said. “In numerical terms, that means supporting one million people to reduce their annual carbon footprint by an average of one tonne each.”

The Edinburgh startup has signed a commercial agreement with Professor Mike Berners-Lee, author of “There’s No Planet B” and a leading authority on the carbon footprint measurement.

Berners-Lee emphasised the potential impact of collective action and suggested that developing global communities such as this could inspire people to push for the “global change that we need to see”.

“In the current climate emergency, it is easy for us as individuals to feel like we are not making a difference,” he said. “However, building communities and working together can facilitate the sharing of knowledge and inspiration to help us push for the global change that we need to see.”

“I fully support the development of apps that help us to focus our efforts on achieving lower-carbon lifestyles,” Berners-Lee added.

Pawprint is currently raising a seed investment round, targeting the “low hundreds of thousands of pounds” and has had verbal investment commitments from a variety of private investors.

To find out more about Pawprint and how you can make a difference, visit

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