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Eco Startup Beats Fundraising Target and Attracts Two Ex-Unicorn Execs

David Paul


Eco Startup Pawprint

Pawprint plans to launch a beta service of its new app and platform after raising additional funds from its crowdfunding campaign.

Edinburgh-based climate change company Pawprint has exceeded an initial fundraising target after a group of 50 angel investors backed its new project.

Previous Tesla and Amazon backers, as well as Scottish entrepreneurs, such as Oli Norman of Itison and Kevin Dorren of Dietchef, have invested in Pawprint’s platform and app designed to help people fight climate change.

This initial funding of £580,000 has allowed Pawprint to accelerate its hiring plans, employing two executives to help kick-start the business.

Former Skyscanner growth director, Douglas Cook, will work on the company’s marketing strategy, and former WoodMac VP, Mark McCafferty, will take up the head of content position. Both are building teams at WeWork Labs, the startup accelerator programme also based in Edinburgh.

Pawprint’s founder, Christian Arno, commented: “The response to the Pawprint concept has been very positive, and we now have an exceptionally high calibre and varied shareholder base.

“Our investors are buying into a long-term vision to help millions of people to fight climate change. The quality and breadth of our investors are already proving useful.

“Their insight is helping to build the foundations of what we hope will be a globally impactful company.”


The platform will allow users to measure their carbon footprints, helping to change daily behaviours to help combat climate change.

Consumers will answer questions about their lifestyle and then be able to compare their personal ‘Pawprints’ in the four buckets of Home, Diet, Travel and Consumer Goods with country averages and other chosen groups.

They will then be presented with a personalised range of challenges and tips to help them choose if and how they make small changes to transition to a lower-carbon lifestyle.

As a user reduces their footprints, they will be rewarded for competing with and against their friends and colleagues to increase their positive impact.

The free Pawprint platform and app will launch in early summer 2020.

David Paul

Staff Writer, DIGIT

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