19th February 2020

Scot-Secure 2020 – Free Cyber Event Scotland

Join the largest annual Cyber event in Scotland, Scot-Secure.

Scot-Secure is the largest annual Cyber event in Scotland. It provides an insightful peer-led environment and a valuable forum for knowledge exchange, engagement and high-level networking. The event will be run as part of the annual Cyber Scotland Week, and is free to attend for IT and Information Security personnel.

The event will take place across two days on 19th and 20th February 2020 at the iconic venue Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh.

Now entering its sixth year, the conference will contextualise the key security threat. It will look at the current trends and attack patterns, and exploring new tools, technologies and techniques. The programme is focussed on promoting best-practice cyber resilience, offering practical advice on improving process and implementing effective security measures. It also provides an opportune forum for knowledge exchange, discussion and high-level networking.

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Register online free at Scot-Secure at:

The conference is free to attend for InfoSec and IT Personnel (*A charge applies for IT/Security vendors, consultants and recruiters).

26th March 2020

Digital Transformation Summit 2020 Free

Join us for DT2020, DIGIT’s fifth annual Digital Transformation Summit. The event will take place at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh on Thursday 26 March, and is free* for delegates to attend.

Business is changing: digital technology has permeated every facet of the enterprise, completely transforming the way we work. Digital has disintermediated markets, disrupted organisational structures, created new risks and new revenue streams, while fundamentally altering the way businesses engage with their customer.

There is no coincidence that the most influential companies of our age share a common ability to harness technology effectively. In these exciting and turbulent times, success is increasingly defined by the ability to respond to the fast changing digital landscape, it has become a key distinguisher between growth and obscurity.

DT2020 will contextualise key digital trends and explore the underlying process of organisational change. The conference is geared towards senior technologists and digital leaders, providing an insightful peer-led environment and a crucial forum for knowledge exchange, discussion and high-level networking.

This is the largest annual Digital Transformation conference held in Scotland – with 300 attendees in 2019. The event is supported by ScotlandIS and is free for qualifying delegates to attend.

Core themes:

– Landscape: Key Technology, Business and Consumer Trends
– Process: Strategy, Structure, Lean, Agile
– Engagement: Marketing, CRM, Social Media, Content
– Design: Customer Centricity, UX, UI
– Disruptive technologies: Analytics, AI, ML, Voice, Blockchain
– People: Culture, Collaboration, Leadership, Empowerment

Last year’s Summit was heavily oversubscribed – book now to secure your place at the 2020 event.

Register online at

This event is free* to attend for IT/Digital personnel from the end user market.

*This does not include IT Vendors, Consultants and Recruiters

29th April 2020

Digital Energy 2020 7th Annual Conference Free

Join 300+ fellow industry professionals at DIGIT’s Digital Energy 7th Annual Conference in TECA Aberdeen on 29th April 2020. Free to attend for Energy company personnel.

The Energy sector is changing: the challenging economic landscape has forced businesses to scrutinise their operations in pursuit of greater productivity and asset efficiency. Meanwhile, the market is growing increasingly diverse as renewables mature and new entrants emerge.

Against this backdrop, digital is becoming increasingly pervasive as companies turn to technology to modernise processes and deliver competitive advantage; from remote monitoring and automation, to data analytics, Machine Learning, asset visualisation and HPC.

Now in its 7th year, the conference has established itself as the largest annual Digital Energy summit in the country: the event brings together senior IT, Digital and business leaders, providing a unique forum for knowledge exchange, discussion and high-level networking. The programme will explore the use of Information Technology in driving tangible outcomes across the organisation, looking at key trends and providing practical insight from an array of industry leaders.

​Core Themes

  • Landscape: maximising economic recovery and cross industry collaboration

  • IT & Digital as a driver of efficiency, business improvement and problem solving

  • Analytics, data-driven decision making and business intelligence

  • Asset visibility: performance, conditioning, remote monitoring

  • Digitising processes and innovating on top of legacy systems

  • Emerging technologies, AI, IoT, Robotics, Drones, Blockchain

  • Infrastructure: SCADA, Cloud, hybrid architecture, managed services

  • Cyber Security, information governance, GDPR

The conference is free* to attend for Energy company personnel.

Registration opens in January 2020 at:

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