23rd February 2017

Digital Transformation 2017

Some businesses let digital happen around them, others embrace the challenge and are actively addressing the culture, skills, people and processes that will drive their success. The opportunity is there, come along and learn how to take it.

23rd March 2017

3rd Annual Scot-Secure. Cyber Security for Scottish Business

Cyber attacks have been hitting the headlines for years; but in spite of the risks, the reputational damage and the rising cost of fines, there is still an endless stream of businesses being exposed for security failings.

19th April 2017

4th Annual Oil & Gas ICT Leader

The industry is changing: against a challenging backdrop with a ‘lower for longer’ economic forecast, Oil & Gas companies are turning to technology to modernise and improve their operations. This transformation has seen IT re-positioned as a core business technology, drawn from a background support function to a crucial centre of value creation and innovation.

24th May 2017

DIGIT Leader Summit

The DIGIT Leader Summit will explore the evolution of Information Technology as a discipline, discussing the increasing role of senior technologists in driving innovation and efficiency and shaping business strategy within their organisation. The programme will also consider some of the crucial components of leadership, looking at culture, vision, team building, up-skilling and communication.

The Summit is geared for senior IT and Digital leaders and is designed to promote knowledge exchange, best practice and collaboration in a friendly open forum. The event will be held at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh on 24th May 2017 and will be free for delegates to attend.

20th June 2017

4th Annual ScotCloud Conference

Cloud has proved to be one of the most transformative technologies of the modern age, it has signalled a fundamental shift from large on-site IT estates to Cloud based solutions which deliver greater agility, elasticity and predictability. Cloud has also served as an important enabler of many of the core emerging technology trends, particularly: Big Data, IoT and the shift to Mobile.

This conference will bring senior technologists together to discuss the business impact of Cloud, and provide a valuable forum for knowledge exchange, discussion and cross-pollination. The programme will contextualise the evolution of Cloud technology, with presentations spanning trends, research, solutions, challenges and practical use cases.

27th September 2017

Fintech 2017

Fintech continues to change the face of financial services, driving disruption, disintermediation and democratisation within the sector. This has opened the door to new opportunity and new market entrants, creating fertile ground for innovation and growth while blurring the lines of distinction between finance and technology.

Fintech presents enormous socio-economic potential, and cities across the world are vying to establish themselves as leading innovation hubs. In Europe, London continues to exert its dominance as the leading region for inward investment, but there has been significant progress from other quarters, with Berlin and Stockholm achieving sizeable gains. Scotland is also showing strong signs of promise; a dedicated Fintech hub is now imminent, while a new body has been created to provide a platform to connect and promote the Scottish Fintech ecosystem.

This Summit will explore technological innovation across the financial services sector, from developments in established tier-1 firms to the disruptive innovators within the start-up community that are reshaping the FS market. The summit is geared for senior technologists, business leaders, innovators and investors, and will bring these key stakeholders together for knowledge exchange, discussion and cross-pollination.

Core conference topics will include:

• Landscape: Social, Geo-political & Financial
• Regulation: GDPR, PSD2, Open Banking & APIs
• Customer Strategy: UX, Data Insight, Marketing & ML
• Emerging Tech: Blockchain, Analytics, AI & Payments
• National Strategy: Skills, Funding, Collaboration & Cyber Security
• Infrastructure: IT, Digital, Cloud & Mobile

24th October 2017

SMAS Future Manufacturing Conference 2017

The world of manufacturing is experiencing a paradigm shift. Rapid advances in artificial intelligence, data analytics, sensors and robotics, additive manufacturing and digital connectivity are transforming the way we design, build and sell our products and services, while new business models are opening up opportunities for additional revenue streams and profits.

With manufacturing at a crossroads, how will these smart technologies give your business competitive advantage, improve productivity, shorten product development cycles and produce products as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible?  What will it mean for your workforce?  And how to you create and evaluate the business case for investment?

Find the answer to these questions and more at the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service’s Future Manufacturing Conference on Tuesday 24 October 2017 at RBS Gogarburn in Edinburgh.  This is your chance to find out how to get your business and your people primed to successfully compete in this new world order.

21st November 2017

GDPR Scotland

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25 May 2018. GDPR is a hugely important piece of legislation designed to replace antiquated data protection rules with a new framework which accounts for recent technological advancements.

Fundamentally, GDPR is about protecting people: in this digital age, our world is awash with data and individuals are generating a continuous flow of personal information. This data can hold huge socio-economic value, from individual preference and personalisation, to understanding national health trends and global business insights. But while the digital age has brought forth huge possibilities and benefits, it also carries inherent dangers.

Some of the most powerful companies in the world have established a business model predicated on the basis of data capture. Increasingly, services like email, search and social media have become available free of charge, but this often involves a trade-off where user access comes at the cost of relinquishing control of data. As the value of this information has become clear, there has been growing recognition that a new framework is needed to police this delicate balance and restore ownership and control.

GDPR will significantly raise the bar of obligation and accountability, ensuring that all organisations which handle personal data adhere to strict regulations around privacy, security and consent. This conference will contextualise the changing regulatory landscape, explain the significance of incoming rules, and define the key areas that organisations need to be aware of.

Core conference topics include:

• Key legal issues and obligations

• Privacy Impact Assessments

• Data security and breach notification

• Privacy by design

• DPO requirements

• Practical strategy implementation

7th December 2017

Big Data Scotland

Data analytics continues to redefine business. Data has transitioned from an underused asset to the lifeblood of the organisation, and a critical component of business intelligence, insight and strategy.

Big Data Scotland is the largest annual data analytics conference held in Scotland: it is supported by ScotlandIS and The Data Lab and free for delegates to attend. The conference is geared towards senior technologists and business leaders and aims to provide a unique forum for knowledge exchange, discussion and cross-pollination.

The programme will explore the evolution of data analytics; looking at key tools and techniques and how these can be applied to deliver practical insight and value. Presentations will span a wide array of topics from Data Wrangling and Visualisation to AI, Chatbots and Industry 4.0.

27th February 2018

Digital Transformation 2018

This is the largest annual digital transformation conference held in Scotland – with over 250 attendees in 2017. The event is supported by ScotlandIS and is free for qualifying delegates to attend.

The programme is geared towards senior technologists and digital leaders, and aims to provide a forum for knowledge exchange, discussion and collaboration. The conference will explore the business impact of digital technology right across the organisation; from data-driven decision making to leadership, marketing and customer engagement.

Core themes:

IT & Digital Landscape: Key Business and Consumer Trends

Communication: Marketing, CRM, Social Media

Disruptive tech: Blockchain, Chatbots, IoT, AI, Voice

Data: Analytics, Insight, Decision Making

People: Collaboration, Leadership, Empowerment

Strategy: Culture, Process, Organisational Change

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