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Net-Zero Programme Selects Four Scottish Scaleups to Join Cohort

David Paul


Scottish scaleups

The programme aims to support 30 of the UK’s most promising scaleups contributing to the goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Tech Nation has announced the inclusion of four Scottish scaleups to join its the new Net Zero programme.

Announced in Alok Sharma’s speech at London Tech Week, the companies come from across the UK and across a broad range of sectors including construction, agriculture, and energy.

The cohort includes Edinburgh-based Boxergy, Ember Core, Reath, and Topolytics, who represent Scotland’s contribution to Britain reaching its goal of reaching net-zero by 2050.

The Scottish companies each bring their own unique technology to the programme:

  • Boxergy, Edinburgh, Scotland –The company’s Hero platform brings together existing low carbon technologies to maximise efficiency and integrate them with their smart tariff, allowing customers to buy energy when it’s cheap and green, and use it when they want.
  • Ember Core, Edinburgh, Scotland – Ember is the world’s first 100% electric intercity bus operator and is building its own ultra-rapid charging network. Its hopes to deliver a platform for managing vehicles, chargers, routes and drivers.
  • Reath, Edinburgh, Scotland – The company uses track and trace tech to help businesses to transition away from single-use waste and solve the data problems inherent in reuse models. They are currently developing the world’s first global Open Data Standard for reusable packaging.
  • Topolytics, Edinburgh, Scotland – Topolytics analyses waste at scale and generate invaluable insights for the recycling industry and waste management sector, preventing more materials from ending up in landfills or seeping out into nature. They analysing data and use machine learning and mapping to make sense of this complex combination of materials.

The government-backed initiative is the first of its kind and designed to accelerate the growth of the UK’s most promising Net Zero scaleups. Sessions will include quantifying sustainability, navigating the regulatory landscape, and how to internationalise a Net Zero business.

Business and Energy Secretary Alok Sharma said: “As part of our plan to reach net zero emissions by 2050, we are funding green startups and unleashing the talent and creativity of entrepreneurs across the country.

“Innovative companies like these will help us to create green jobs and build back better as we recover from the coronavirus pandemic.”

The programme comes at a critical moment, with Covid-19 highlighting the key role played by technology in aiding a green recovery to the crisis and the importance of building a sustainable future.


In addition to the 30 companies joining the Net Zero cohort, four additional ‘Fellows’ will join the programme. The Fellows selected are net-zero companies at a later stage of funding or are alumni of Tech Nation growth programmes.

The Fellows will have access to the Net Zero coaching sessions and peer-to-peer learning opportunities. The Fellows will also share their learnings and experience as net-zero companies who already have experience scaling within this unique space.

Net-Zero programme leader Zheela Qaiser, said: “All 149 applications we received for the Net Zero programme were excellent, showcasing the richness of solutions that small teams of innovators are working on to help us make monumental changes to the way our human world and systems impact our planet.

“I’m so impressed with our final cohort and am looking forward to helping them work through the unique challenges that net-zero companies face.”

David Paul

Staff Writer, DIGIT

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