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Dumfries and Galloway College launches Green Energy Hub

Michael Behr


Dumfries and Galloway College green energy hub

The hub is powered by renewable electricity and heat sources and will provide students with a valuable teaching aid.

Dumfries and Galloway College has launched a new Green Energy Hub worth £1.8 million. The hub will feature a range of green technologies, including a wind turbine, heat pumps, solar arrays and battery storage for power and heating, along with EV charging points.

The college can use the hub’s technology as a valuable teaching tool for students as well as providing practical solutions to its heating, power, and water needs.

Through these, the hub will help promote sustainable economic growth, increased air quality and other aspects of environmental forward-planning in the region.

The hub received £195,000 of funding from SP Energy Networks’ Green Economy Fund, which envisions spending £20 million over two years to support initiatives that develop Scotland’s green energy plans and local economic growth.

SP Energy Networks’ fund has supported 33 projects across Central and Southern Scotland so far and helps support the Scottish Government’s climate change plans, which includes a target date to bring greenhouse gas emissions down to net-zero by 2045.

The hub was officially opened by Principal Joanna Campbell and SP Energy Networks’ Chief Executive, Frank Mitchell, at a ceremony at the college’s Dumfries campus.

The Principal and Mr Mitchell were joined by local MSP, Joan McAlpine, for the launch event and a tour of the new hub.


Principal Campbell said: “The scale of the opportunities that this new hub of technology and innovation will bring to the South of Scotland is simply astonishing. A project of this scale requires a real and effective partnership to deliver, and we’re delighted to be working with our trusted and valued partners at SP Energy Networks in this way.

“While climate change is a significant and urgent problem, with projects like our hub leading the way, we can fight it together.”

CEO of SP Energy Networks Frank Mitchell said: “Scotland has ambitious goals to become Net-Zero by 2045. Flagship education projects, such as the new Green Energy Hub at Dumfries and Galloway College, supports this ambition, helping to power the next generation of sustainability experts and create the workforce of the future.

“The Green Economy Fund was created to help communities build their green economy and establish low carbon infrastructure. The South of Scotland is quickly becoming a world leader in this area and we’re delighted to contribute to the continued success of the college’s renewables education as it tackles climate change and helps us all unlock net zero.”

Michael Behr

Senior Staff Writer

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