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Kelvinside Innovation School Using 3D Printers to Make NHS Equipment

Ross Kelly


Kelvinside Innovation School

The Glasgow-based school is calling on businesses to donate vital materials to support its production of protective equipment.

Staff at Kelvinside Academy have manufactured more than 500 visors to help protect doctors and nurses in the fight against COVID-19, but they need your help to keep going.

The protective face shields are being manufactured using 3D printers and laser cutters at the Academy’s NuVu Innovation School, and hundreds are now being shipped to a host of locations, including Wishaw General Hospital, Glasgow Royal Infirmary and Royal Alexandria Hospital.

Launched in October 2019, the NuVu Innovation School at Kelvinside is the only institution of its kind in the UK. The school is playing a key role in the national effort to produce personal protective equipment (PPE), and has collaborated with a host of schools including the Denny, Larbert and Graeme high schools. Together, more than 4,000 visors have been produced to date.

David Miller, Director of Kelvinside’s Innovation School said: “Medical and care staff are on the front-line of this crisis, but to save lives, they need to be protected themselves. It has been humbling to meet the doctors, nurses and care staff; these visors are in many cases that crucial extra layer protecting front line staff in these incredibly challenging times.”

Dr Janis Lynch, a recipient of visors for her GP Practice, commented: “The team at Kelvinside are doing an amazing job in manufacturing protective visors for the worthy NHS staff, demonstrating their innovative thinking and immense kindness, really making a difference in this challenging time. It’s a shining example of how communities can make valuable contributions.”

The actions taken by staff have also inspired S2 pupil, Ben Falkner, to contribute to the effort. Ben created his own production line at home using his father’s 3D printer and aims to print over 40 visors this week.


Staff at the Glasgow-based school said they intend to continue production, however, they are calling on local businesses to support their efforts by donating necessary materials. These include acrylic sheets, laminating pouches and elastic ribbon.

Miller added: “At Kelvinside Academy, we have access to technology that we know can make a difference. We will continue the production of protective visors for as long as they are needed, but we are in urgent need of materials: particularly acrylic, and acetate. If your business or organisation can help, please be in touch.”

If businesses can help in any way, please email or call the school switchboard on 0141 357 3376.

Ross Kelly

Staff Writer

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