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UK’s First Innovation School for Young People Launches in Glasgow

Dominique Adams


NuVu Innovation School

Kelvinside Academy has partnered with Boston-based NuVu to launch the UK’s first full-time innovation school for young people. 

The newly-launched Innovation School, the first of its kind in the UK, aims to be a leader in a new way of learning. The school is the product of a partnership between Kelvinside Academy and NuVu, a leading innovation school based in Boston.

Set in a specially designed £2.5 million facility situated in the West End of Glasgow, the building was officially opened today.

The school will focus on solving real-world challenges in an environment that promotes creativity, curiosity and independent learning. Its education model is designed to face up to the challenge of a fast-moving jobs market and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators by helping them to have a more agile mindset.

Pupils are able to participate in hands-on problem solving, collaborative projects to develop creative solutions for social and environmental problems. Instead of being taught passively, the pupils learn by using 3D modelling software, 3D printers, laser cutters and a range of industry-standard tools to make their visions a reality, with industry and academic experts acting as mentors.


50 Kelvinside pupils across Senior 3, Senior 5/6 have already selected NuVu as an option in place of a traditional National 5 or Higher subject. NuVu first launched in the UK with summer schools in 2017 and 2018 at Kelvinside Academy.

Talks are underway to expand the program to pupils at local schools as well as exploring NuVu hubs in local authorities across the UK. NuVu will also be implemented for teacher CPD throughout Scotland and corporate team building experiences for businesses.

NuVu Innovation School Director, David Miller, believes the Innovation School will become a beacon for what schools of the future could look like.

“The education system hasn’t changed in more than 40 years, but the world has. I believe the new Innovation School will resolve a huge tension in education; everyone knows the model has to change but until now, there’s been no viable alternative. We believe this powerful learning model could and should become mainstream and we hope the Innovation School will serve as a case study for government and policymakers of what can be achieved,” he said.

“Our model encourages a growth mindset. There are always ways to improve. There’s no specific target or outcome; the NuVu model empowers children and frees them from the depressing constraints of assessment. The design, technical and meta-skills being developed and enhanced in the Innovation School – together with an agile mindset – are exactly what a range of Scottish businesses and academics are telling us they need.”

Saba Ghole, co-founder and chief executive of NuVu, said: “This is our first flagship innovation school in Europe and this is a really unique and exciting opportunity and partnership with Kelvinside Academy. We are really hoping this will be a platform for educators in the larger educational community to be able to see what the future of learning could be. NuVu is really proud and happy to be here today to be involved with the launch of this school.”

Lord Knight of Weymouth, Chief Education Adviser, TES said: “The School of Innovation from Kelvinside Academy is tremendously forward-thinking. Young people should be at the forefront of change and innovation, and initiatives like this progress that message forcefully.”

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