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WATCH: Inside the Consider IT Disaster Recovery “Ghost Office”

Ross Kelly


Consider IT

An Edinburgh-based IT support company has created an 18-desk office…in the hope that it will never be used.

Leith-based IT support firm, Consider IT, has created a “ghost office” for clients to temporarily set-up their operations in the event of a catastrophe.

Although the workspace is fully-equipped and would be a more than adequate office suite for most companies, the staff at Consider IT hope that it will never have to be used.

Disaster recovery services are often associated with larger organisations, such as IBM, and are generally thought to be out-of-reach for smaller businesses. But Consider IT works predominantly with businesses that have between the 20-300 employees, and the suite could provide them with a vital lifeline in the event of a catastrophe.


The decision to build the disaster recovery suite was made by Stuart Gilbertson, founder and managing director of the firm.

“We put loads of thought, care and attention into creating it,” he explained. “We are very proud of the set-up. This is a vital insurance policy for those clients who are signed up for our disaster recovery service.

“If something catastrophic happens in their business, they have peace of mind knowing that their team can be back at work within minutes – with access to all of their computer systems, files and phones as if they were working at their own office.”

The disaster recovery floor features a chill-out room, a pool table and a state-of-the-art meeting room that fits up to 15 people and offers teleconferencing facilities. Beleaguered businesses that find themselves working from the space also have access to a kitchen, shower area and even a bar.

While the prospect of maintaining the suite might seem cumbersome, Gilbertson said the longer it stays empty, the better. The move has also helped the firm bring in a raft of new business opportunities from organisations looking for peace of mind.

“It’s a fantastic space with some of the best views of Leith. So, the irony isn’t lost us on us that it simply sits empty all the time,” he said. “In the past six months alone, we have signed up at least five major clients on the strength of our disaster recovery suite.

“Of course, like most insurance policies, we hope it is never needed. The longer our disaster recovery suite lies empty, the happier everyone can be.”

Ross Kelly

Staff Writer

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