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Youtube Premium Music and Video Services Arrive in UK

Ross Kelly



YouTube has announced it is expanding its paid subscription services to 11 more countries, with UK customers now receiving access.

YouTube has announced it is expanding its subscription-based music and video streaming services to an additional 12 countries, with the UK, France, Germany and Ireland among a host of nations that will now have access.

Youtube Music and Youtube Premium will now offer customers the opportunity to stream and download music, as well as providing a rival product for other popular video streaming services such as Netflix.

The new music service costs are comparable to other services such as Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal. A potential stumbling block, however, comes in the form of its wider video streaming services. To access its video content, users will be required to pay £11.99 per month (£17.99 for family plans) which costs significantly more than other video streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix.

“It’s All Here”

Speaking of the announcement on its official blog, YouTube said: “Starting today, YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red) will be available in 17 countries, providing members with the benefits of Music Premium, plus ad-free, background and downloads across all of YouTube.”

Long-term, the new music streaming service will replace the existing Google Play Music. However, YouTube noted that current Red and Google Play Music members in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico will “automatically receive access to YouTube Premium at their current price.”

Continuing, the blog post stated: “Google Play Music subscribers in all other countries will automatically receive access to YouTube Music Premium at their current price as it becomes available there. Nothing is changing with Google Play Music – you’ll still be able to access all of your purchased music, uploads and playlists in Google Play Music just like always.

The platform’s “It’s All Here” slogan references the amalgamation of services and products into a new platform that is “built on top of all the music on YouTube that you can’t find anywhere else – personalised and all simply organised in one new app and web player.”

Users will have access to a broader range of content on the new YouTube Music platform, with live performances and recording, remixes, covers and mash-ups which are often unavailable elsewhere. The company also claims it will have far superior search capabilities compared to rival products, allowing users to find songs even if they only know a portion of the lyrics.

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Taking on Netflix?

YouTube’s premium video package will be based on a collection of original content that has been produced for the YouTube Red service over the past two years. The service has previously been limited to just five countries – including the US, Australia and South Korea – but will now be widely available.

Central to the wider rollout will be unique video content, with two new shows launching to coincide with this.

F2 Finding Football, which is one of the platform’s most popular football-related channels, and The Sidemen Show, a group of seven YouTube stars from the UK will launch to coincide with the global rollout.

The platform isn’t just utilising its community figures, however, and will contain a wide range of more traditional content, including follow-up series to the popular 1980’s series, Karate Kid. Other shows include a spin-off show to the 2008 sci-fi movie, Jumper.

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