Xbox Live Fixed After Major Outage

Xbox Live Outage

Microsoft’s Xbox Live is back up after experiencing a series of issues yesterday that left many users unable to get online.¬†

Due to a severe software problem with Xbox Live, Microsoft’s console was rendered almost non-functional for those users affected by the issue. Many users reported seeing a black screen after console booted up, while some reported being unable to access their saved data and others issues with sign-in errors.

Users highlighted the issue on popular social media sharing platform Reddit. Microsoft swiftly took to twitter to respond to the incident informing users it was aware of the “Xbox One console startup, title update, and sign-in errors” and assured them that it would provide updates. Two hours later, Brad Rossetti from the Xbox team confirmed that things should be back to normal.

Initially, some gamers were worried that their console hardware might be broken, but it was entirely an Xbox Live and software issue. Many US users were particularly frustrated by the shutdown as the problem coincided with one of the coldest days in recent years.

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One US user tweeted: “Xbox servers is down on the coldest day in history. I’ve never wanted a girlfriend more than today”.

Some users reported that unplugging from Ethernet allowed the console to start up normally since it wasn’t making any connection to Xbox Live, however, consoles configured for a Wi-Fi network couldn’t use this solution.

Rossetti took to Twitter again to inform users, “we have identified the service causing the black screens and working on rolling back the service change-please be patient”.

This incident is a stark reminder that the Xbox hardware is too directly linked to the online service, something that Xbox chief Phil Spencer has previously acknowledged. Gamers are concerned that a potential future software glitch could leave them completely locked out of their device.

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