Key Scottish Tech Figures Launch Women in STEM Survey

Left to right are Marcus Corner (Modulr), Jen Anderson (Administrate), Sam Ryhnas (Girl Geek Scotland) and Lisa Thomson (Purpose HR)

Scottish technology and recruitment firms have collaborated to launch a Women in STEM survey, which they hope will help identify the hurdles hindering the diversification of Scotland’s tech sector. 

Purpose HR, training management software specialist Administrate, Fintech company Modulr and Girl Geek Scotland have pooled their talent and resources to launch a survey on technology sector diversity.

The survey will examine what attracts and hinders women when applying for jobs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) industries.

The Women in STEM survey is now live and has gone out to hundreds of qualified STEM female candidates. The findings will form the basis of a ‘white paper’ with actionable insights and tips for employers.

Lisa Thomson, founder of Purpose HR, said: “With the survey, we are seeking to gain a better understanding of what qualified female STEM candidates want from SME employers, what attracts them and, crucially, what gets in the way.”

Across the UK only 23% of those employed in STEM are women, to better understand why this statistic is so low the survey seeks to gain insights from women working within the sector.

It is hoped that the results will help to highlight the current challenges and drill down to the real problem with the recruitment and retention of women into STEM.

More Dialogue Across The Sector is Needed to Find Solutions

A common theme that threaded its way through the launch event, which was held at CodeBase in Edinburgh, was that the problem cannot be resolved in isolation. There is a need for more collaboration and better communication within the industry. If this can be achieved it will encourage idea sharing across the industry, which will in turn help to address the problem.

Many companies SMEs, start-ups and larger organisations are all facing the barrier. Many of them are already trying to diversify and attract more women but are failing to do so. Being more transparent and sharing successes and failures could be the key to finding a way forward.

Thomson added: “The results of this study will help SMEs understand how to better tailor working conditions to attract and retain female candidates, and provide practical and actionable insights they can use to improve their recruitment and retention strategies.”

John Peebles, Administrate’s CEO, said: “Diverse organisations perform better and are more sustainable long term. At Administrate, we’re proud of how we’ve built a diverse, global team, but recognise we still have a lot more work to do, particularly with regards to gender diversity.

“We’re hopeful that initiatives like this survey will build awareness of this problem and provide us insight into how to solve it.”

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