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Winning Team of Deloitte Datathon 2019 Announced

Dominique Adams


Datathon 2019

Team ‘Healthy Productivity’ has been crowned the overall winners of the 2019 Deloitte Datathon. 

Now entering its third year, Deloitte’s Datathon, a fringe event at Datafest19, has announced the winners of the intensive productivity hackathon.

The theme of this year’s event was to explore how data can be used to address society’s key data issues, and how it can underpin social well-being.

Kent Mackenzie, Partner, Global Head of Fintech & RegTech, Risk Advisory at Deloitte, told DIGIT that the theme of each event is always related to benefiting society as a whole. Previous themes have included the use of data for good and financial inclusion.

Cynthia Morel, senior consultant at Deloitte and semi-final judge said: “Productivity change is both highly relevant and applicable to the use of data in today’s society.

“As a challenge for this year’s Datathon, it takes into consideration current trends that have brought participants together across a range of industries to explore the variety of ways that data is used and how it can help us make better decisions, prioritise problems and develop solutions that benefit people across a range of sectors.”

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Participants from a variety of different backgrounds were put into teams and then challenged to create solutions to help drive productivity by analysing data and develop concepts while under pressure.

Teams were required to produce and deliver presentations to the judges in order to advance to the next stage. In the penultimate round, the five finalist teams had to produce another short presentation, built on feedback from the previous round.

Team ‘Healthy Productivity’ was named the Overall Winners of the competition with two additional prizes awarded for Best Use of Platform and Audience Winner, which were awarded to ‘2 Missing’ and ‘Pro Tinder’ respectively.

Healthy Productivity used the data-sets provided to address the unique problem of mental health and its detrimental effect on productivity at work. According to statistics, close to £8 million is lost each year due to the impact of mental health on productivity at work and the number of sick days taken.

This year’s judges included CodeClan CEO Melinda Matthews-Clarkson; Jude McCorry, Head of Business Development at The Data Lab; Scottish Government Digital Director, Colin Cook; and Deloitte Risk Analytics Partner and Global Risk Advisory Lead (Digital & Fintech/Regtech), Kent Mackenzie.

At the event, presentations were delivered by Mark Hunter, Chief Transformation Officer at Sainsbury’s Bank, Matthews-Clarkson and Cook.

Commenting on the participants, Matthews-Clarkson said: “Given the amount of time the teams had on the day, it was great how they came together as a group even though they didn’t know each other.

“This demonstrates how the data, and the DataFest itself, can drive a common purpose that brings people together to launch ideas. The teams were all given the same kind of data and came to the same conclusions via the data but all had different concepts on how to tackle the issue presented to them.

“Their creative ideas about how to solve the problem based on the data insight was really good. But it was the ones that took it to the next level and brought it into real-world situations today, that stood out.

“It was clear that some of these solutions have serious potential for real-world application”.

MacKenzie added: “This year we’ve had a phenomenal turn out for the Datathon, which has been our largest event to date. There has been a real diversity of people participating this year, and that diversity is crucial when you’re running an innovative event like this.

“Events like this are really exciting because the teams are generating solutions that could really benefit Scotland and other country’s productivity”.

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