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WeWork’s WiFi Security Could be Putting Companies at Risk

Ross Kelly


WeWork Edinburgh

WeWork has more than 500,000 members spread across 125 cities worldwide.

Poor security on WeWork’s WiFi network may have left sensitive user information at risk, according to reports from CNET.

According to the publication, cybersecurity researcher Teemu Airamo found flaws in the company’s networks following extensive testing dating back to 2015.

Airamo’s scans, which were viewed by CNET, show that in excess of 700 devices – which include computers, connected devices and servers – have leaked bank account details, client databases, email addresses and other forms of sensitive user data.

According to Airamo, who runs his business out of a WeWork space in Manhattan, multiple attempts have been made to alert the company of security weaknesses. However, despite repeated attempts to contact WeWork’s upper management, the alerts were met with ‘indifference’.

Two loan companies are believed to have had sensitive data exposed due to WeWork’s WiFi network, according to CNET. Information leaked included critical bank account information.

The revelations follow a report published last month by Fast Company, which revealed concerning details of WeWork’s poor wifi security measures and password protocols. It was revealed that the company used the same WiFi password at a host of its c-working spaces for several years.

WeWork has more than 500,000 members spread across 125 cities worldwide. In recent weeks, the spotlight has been focused largely on the company’s IPO, which was announced in 2018. Last week the company’s IPO was suspended until the end of 2019 after its valuation plummeted from $47 billion to below $20 billion.

“There’s happenings of all kinds in the building, financial companies, companies left and right in different industries,” Airamo told CNET. “We have, inside this building, a number of financial companies, we have legal companies, and we have some random telemarketers.”

In a statement, a spokesperson for WeWork said: “WeWork takes the security and privacy of our member seriously, and we are committed to protecting our members from digital and physical threats.

“In addition to our standard WeWork network, we offer members the option to elect various enhanced security features, such as a private VLAN, a private SSID or a dedicated end-to-end physical network stack.”

Ross Kelly

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