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Ray Bugg


DIGIT has evolved from Scot-Tech, Scotland’s Business Technology Forum, the largest independent technology community in the country.

DIGIT has been created as a collaborative forum for news, views, opinions and insight; focusing on the digital economy and exploring the impact of technology on business and society.

Technology increasingly permeates every facet of our lives and plays an ever more crucial role in the way we connect with each other and interact with the world around us. It creates incredible opportunities, pushes the boundaries of possibility, and offers new solutions to tackle the critical challenges of our age.

Robotics are being employed to empower the disabled, VR is being used to enhance our visual experience, while data analytics and IoT systems are being used to improve the efficiency of industry and national infrastructure.

But technological advancement also brings forth new problems and risks, and many of the key battles that will be waged in our time will take place on digital fields, from data regulations and privacy to national security and cyber warfare.

As the role of technology grows, the importance of analysis and debate increases in parallel. We hope to play our small part in fuelling this discussion, increasing knowledge exchange and encouraging participation.

We aim to create a perfect storm for engagement; a complete ecosystem which brings everyone to the table and draws on knowledge of thought leaders of: business, technology, academia and governance.

May we live in interesting times… and may we enjoy them while they last.

Ray Bugg

Founder - DIGIT

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