Glasgow-Based Tech Firm Launches AI Driven Video Screening Platform

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Technology firm weeve is hoping to shake up the recruitment process by introducing a more modern approach to the screening of job candidates. 

Entrepreneur and digital marketer, Euan Cameron has launched his latest venture, weeve – a video screening platform aimed at improving the recruitment process.

The company hopes to “make video screening as accessible and commonplace as the traditional CV is in the recruitment process today”.

According to the company’s website, it aims to shift the focus away from traditional CVs and phone screening, to video applications, which it says will cut down on recruitment time by up-to 80%. weeve claims that its technology will enable candidates to demonstrate personality, soft skills and cultural fit remotely on any device.

The platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to drive the platform to help narrow down applicants by rating them on behavioural characteristics before the videos are viewed by the recruiter.

Recruiters can then share the candidates screening application with team members for a collaborative recruitment process.

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weeve’s AI-driven software will gauge candidates based on a series of bespoke questions. Employers will then be able to review candidates from one to five and leave comments for them.

Euan Cameron, weeve founder and CEO, explained: “When it comes to making a new hire, so much hangs on a CV and although they can be a useful tool to gather the hard facts about a person’s background, they can often be misleading.

“It is still commonplace for recruiters to spend hours sifting through piles of application forms and calling candidates to then invite them for an interview, only to discover they are not right for the job. The result is wasted time, money and potentially missing a candidate whose CV was at the bottom of the pile.

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“The traditional CV and interview process takes an average of 23.7 days. By using weeve, businesses can get a feel for someone’s personality, demeanour and cultural fit before investing in a sit-down interview.

“This streamlined approach not only saves valuable resources but enables businesses to see increased numbers of applicants and make informed decisions based on more than just a few sheets of paper.”

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