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Weekly News Roundup: 28th June 2017

Brian Baglow


The DIGIT Weekly News Roundup Scotland digital technology news

It’s quiet… too quiet. No cyber attacks, no huge multi-national corporations changing the face of the industry, no feisty start-ups quietly disrupting everything at the drop of a hat. It’s been a strangely stress free week in the world of digital technology…

That’s not to say it’s been entirely hassle free. You may have noticed that last week’s NEWS ROUNDUP was MIA after the DIGIT site vanished mysteriously, during a site migration. We can only apologise. The web elves have been disciplined and our normal, cutting edge, drum-taut service has been resumed.

Here’s your weekly news summary of the most fascinating tech stories from Scotland and beyond…

Scottish Tech News Roundup

  • SPACE! Astrosat, the Scottish space-as-a-service company has teamed up with the Hunstville/Madison County chamber in the USA to launch a new business innovation competition as part of the Space Exploration Masters competition
  • CANALS! To the distress of Scotland’s wellie manufacturers, Google and Scottish Canals have been mapping Scotland’s canal network with Google Streetview. Say so long to fresh air and midges
  • MORE CANALS! As a tech-savvy and awesome sort of organisation, Scottish Canals have also partnered with Neatebox to launch the company’s Welcome app at the Falkirk Wheel and the Forth Valley Sensory Centre, to help disabled visitors receive the highest possible levels of customer service
  • ROWING! (though not on a canal) and PHILANTHROPY! The splendid Callum Murray, CEO of legal tech firm Amiqus is rowing from Barcelona to Ibiza (200 miles!) as part of the NOMAN Is An Island race to help fight HPV. Will it be easier than running a tech startup? THE VERY BEST OF LUCK Callum, from the whole DIGIT team
  • IOT! The CENSIS Innovation Centre has announced the seven winners of it’s IoT Explorer programme, which will receive support and facilities to help develop their ideas. Take a bow: Attis Fitness, Beringar, Deuxality, Stonnivation, iOpt Assets, SafeHinge and SussMyBike
  • COUNTRYSIDE! It’s not just for cows, midges and ramblers any more. Amazon has commissioned Scotland’s Rural College (and Rural England) to investigate how digital technology and the internet can boost the digital economy
  • BUCKFAST! Thanks to technology you need never be without your favourite fortified wine-style beverage. The Find Me Bucky app can now direct you to the closest retailer of Scotland’s other favourite drink (iOS & Android, 99p)
  • GRRRRRAAAAND THEEEEEFFT AAAAAUUUUTTTOOOOOO! GTA 6 is definitely coming. Yup. For sure. Probably…

Global Tech News Roundup

  • Oh ATARI! Legendary games company Atari thrilled gamers with news that it has a new console hitting the market. It also announced it’s releasing, ummm, a baseball cap with bluetooth speakers built in (because Bladerunner)
  • Oh ROOMBA! That cute little robot vacuum cleaner which has been tidying the houses of the technically sophisticated for the last several years may be a forerunner of the robot apocalypse, or just the commercialisation of big data, thanks to the revelation that Roomba is considering selling the mapping data it has on the layout of your house
  • Oh Is THAT FOR ME? Excuse me while I stick my finger in my ear to answer a call. We’re not sure whether this is awesome or stupid, but as it’s four times over the Kickstarter goal we’ll assume the former.
  • Oh Did I Win AGAIN? If you’ve ever wanted a simple, interactive explanation of game theory, now’s your chance…
  • AI For The People! If you’re sick of your voice AI being a stooge of the major corporate tech companies, Mozilla is working on a new crowd-sourced platform. Will it work with Scottish accents though? The DIGIT office Echo, says “Hmmm, I’m not sure!”

It’s also been a sombre and heart-breaking week, with announcements that some cherished pieces of software and hardware are ‘not at all well’ and likely to go and live on a lovely big server in the country somewhere.

So please take a moment to reflect upon the transient nature of technology and let’s focus, not on the fact that they’re gone (sort of), but on the good times we had and the wonderful things we achieved – together! A moments silence, ladies and gentlemen, for…

  • MS Paint – Not dead, just ‘resting’
  • Adobe Flash – Fare thee well ActionScript
  • Apple iPod (Nano and Shuffle) – 16 years (that’s 2750 in tech years), 400,000,000 sold, widely credited for popularising music piracy and white earbuds.

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