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Weekly News Roundup June 30th 2017

Tempus, as the romans said, fugit. Time flies. Can it really be a week since our last weekly news round up? We’re afraid so.

A week which saw a dastardly cyber attack on the foundations of British democracy, with the House of Parliament losing e-mail access, only to be followed by another ransomware attack (it wasn’t ransomware) in which #Petya (it was #NotPetya) spread like a particularly nasty wildfire.

Admist all of the hurly and the burly, we’d be surprised if you managed to find all of the latest and most fascinating weekly tech news. Never fear, DIGIT is here to help…

This week we have A.I. writing motivational posters, building a #NotMac for $70, exploring a neolithic Orkney tomb with the Glasgow School of Art, surge pricing your lunch, lasers and the U.S.A inventing the sausage roll.

You don’t have to thank us, this is our job.


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