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Weekly News Roundup: August 11th 2017

Brian Baglow


Friday at last. That means it’s time for another DIGIT weekly news roundup. Your golden ticket to the week’s best tech-related stories from Scotland and beyond. From the evolution of the fundamental infrastructure of the digital world, to the stories, products and services which you may have missed. Enjoy…

Weekly News Roundup – August 11th 2017

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DIGIT Weekly News Roundup: August 11th 2017

  • You know the sheer misery of measuring salt? The grinding (sorry) tedium of scooping, pouring, or tipping small amounts of sodium chloride out of a container, with all of the heart-attacks and strokes which accompany incorrect measurement? You know how measuring your salt has always lacked accompanying music? You know how you always thought there should be an alternative? A digital solution, which would free you from the pointless tedium of your silent, salt-measuring agony? Now there is. A digital, app-connected salt measuring device which combines the best parts of an Amazon Echo and a container full of salt. Meet SMALT, your new music-playing, sodium-counting, salt-measuring digital chum. It’s more than a dispenser, it’s an interactive centrepiece. (NOTE: SMALT does not grind salt. SMALT only measure and dispenses salt. Take your artisanal rock salt and measure/dispense it some other way, you luddite!)


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