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DIGIT Weekly News Roundup – January 5th 2018

Brian Baglow


DIGIT Weekly News Roundup Jan 5 2018

We’re back. After a festive season of being beaten-up by food, a tsunami of visiting relatives and some truly disappointing presents, what did you miss? Never fear, DIGIT, as always, has your back with our post-festive news round-up. Enjoy.

DIGIT Weekly News Roundup – January 5 2018

Scottish Tech News

Global Tech News

  • Music technologist posts 10 hour video of white noise on YouTube, gets five copyright claims
  • CES, the world’s most enormous consumer electronics show, happens next week. Gizmodo has helpfully provided a roundup of what’s likely to happen
  • Ex-Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is selling almost a third of his equity in the company
  • Holy Mary, mother of Berry! The BBC has decided not to shut down BBC Food
  • Remember the pre-Christmas panic about Russia cutting the undersea cables and stopping the Internet? It may be less of a problem than the media implied
  • Turns out that adding iron oxide to lithium ion batteries may lower costs and improve their life by up to four times
  • Apple reports the App Store made $890 million during the week beginning Christmas eve (£300 million on New Years Day alone)

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