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Watch: Abertay Games Students Have Recreated the Isle of Cumbrae in Minecraft

Ross Kelly



‘Cumbraecraft’ allows children to explore prominent landmarks on the Isle and immerse themselves in local history.

One of Scotland’s most popular tourist hotspots, the Isle of Cumbrae, has been recreated in Minecraft as part of a project to educate young people on the area’s history.

Built by students from Abertay University, ‘Cumbraecraft’ is a heritage-themed game aimed at primary school children through the Millport Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme.

Hosted on the Minecraft education platform, Cumbraecraft includes eight educational sessions for users and allows children to explore prominent landmarks and immerse themselves in local history.

Key sites featured on the virtual island include Garrison House, Lion Rock and Cathedral of the Isles. Crocodile Rock, the local port and the town’s library are also available to explore.

Exploring Local History

Abertay University games students, Claire Monaghan, Fergus Coyne and Romain Bourdon worked on the project for three months while studying at the university’s School of Design and Informatics.

The students were supported by Teaching Fellow Kayleigh Macleod and other staff members to ensure the project aligned with their studies.

Due to Covid travel restrictions, the trio were unable to visit the island before they began their work and were forced to rely on images as their only point of reference.

“This exciting project has offered three of our fantastic students not only real industry experience producing work for a client that will be used by hundreds of children but also in the challenge of remote working,” said Kayleigh Macleod.

“It was great to be able to create a game which will allow children to learn more about the history of their local area as well as showcase the tourism offering on the island,” Fergus Coyne added.

Maintaining Traditions

The resource has been designed so it can be used in both classroom and home-learning settings, developers said.

According to Kayleigh Macleod, the Cumbraecraft project highlights how games can be used to engage children and young people with history and is a useful tool for teaching children about Scottish culture, language and tradition.

Kasia Smith, Regeneration Officer at North Ayrshire Council, said: “We are thrilled that the game is now available as a resource for our young school pupils.

“Cumbrae has such a rich history and it is so important that our young people learn about their community and heritage.”

Ross Kelly

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