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VR/AR Scotland Edinburgh Debut

Brian Baglow


VR/AR Meetup Coming To Edinburgh

Scotland’s Virtual and Augmented reality event hits Edinburgh for the first time on Thursday 19th October.

The VR/AR Meetup, organised by VR experts Eventual, which normally takes place in Glasgow is coming to the East coast for the first time.

The first ever Edinburgh VR/AR Meetup will take place at Whitespace’s city centre HQ, at the foot of the castle, within stone’s throw of the CodeBase and CodeClan offices (Edinburgh’s semi-official tech quarter).

Eventual is promising guest hosts, industry leading talks, the latest VR and AR tech demos and of course, complimentary food and drink for all.

The VR/AR Meetups are aimed at levels of experience from seasoned developers to novices! The events are designed to bring together Scotland’s most creative and innovative players with the virtual, augmented and mixed reality sectors. So, whether you are already working within the industry or just fancy learning more about these rapidly evolving technologies, it’s a great place to start.

Eventual’s goal is to build a strong VR/AR community within Scotland and create a fun and relaxed environment in which every participant is welcome.

As part of this first Edinburgh meetup, Whitespace’s head of creative Chris Davey, along with resident AR/VR developer Chris McIntyre will chat about Whitespace’s recent push to get clients to adopt the technologies. They will discuss commercial projects, the challenges and outcomes and show some examples of the latest ARCore experiments, and how these could be developed into commercial projects.

The VR/AR Meetup takes place on Thursday 19th October 2017, from 18:30-21:00. Tickets are FREE, but registration is recommended as they’re going fast.

Register here.

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