Scottish Firm Unveils Virtual Reality Team Building Product

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The product, known as The Infinite Loop, could help transform the way in which team building exercises are delivered.

Virtual reality (VR) technology created exclusively for team building is to be introduced to the UK market by a Dunfermline-based events firm, Team Challenge Company.

The company has grown to become one of the UK’s largest team development businesses since its launch in 2001, delivering corporate events across the country for clients including Aldi, Heineken and AG Barr.

Unveiled in late 2018 by Catalyst Global, the world’s largest network of team building providers, the product is the first of its kind to be designed primarily for team development purposes and uses advanced gaming software.

The product, known as The Infinite Loop, could help to transform the way team building exercises are delivered, the firm said.

The Infinite Loop uses virtual reality headsets to enhance learning outcomes and “create a more contemporary” experience for delegates at team building events. The product aims to encourage out-of-the-box thinking as well as increased communications between employees.

Gerard Crowley, co-director at Team Challenge Company, commented: “Technology-driven products have been available to the corporate events market for some time,” Crowley commented. “But, there has never been a product of this sophistication available for team building.”

Team Challenge Company said the product “encompasses the best team building outcomes of the past”, such as problem-solving and lean management skills, and “brings them into the digital age.”

Delegates using The Infinite Loop will also be taught how to meet deadlines under pressure and effectively debrief complex issues remotely; a skill which the firm insists is crucial during an age in which flexible working is on the rise.

Crowley said that as the responsibilities of modern teams and employees are evolving, technology will play an increasingly critical role in skills development and team building.

“While traditional activities have always been very effective in producing desired outcomes, the responsibilities of modern teams are shifting. Created by team building professionals specifically for team development, The Infinite Loop has the potential to transform the way these events are delivered,” he said.

Crowley added: “As one of the country’s most experienced team building providers, it is important that we provide access to the products which have the greatest impact. Our partnership with Catalyst Global gives us just that – a direct line to the world’s largest portfolio of team building activities.

“The Infinite Loop is one of the most effective, engaging and interesting games on the market, and we believe our clients will agree.”

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