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VectorCloud Management Buyout Complete: Jobs & Growth Promised

Brian Baglow


VectorCloud buyout - Scott Cassidy, Ewan McKay, Kevin Mitchell

Three key senior employees at VectorCloud, the Glasgow-based IT security, and backup specialist have been backed by Royal Bank of Scotland to facilitate a management buyout – with a plan that includes significant expansion and the creation of local jobs.  

Following the VectorCloud buyout, Kevin Mitchell becomes Service Director, Ewan McKay will be Finance Director and Scott Cassidy becomes the company’s Technical Director.

The new directors are already planning to implement an intensive new growth strategy. “The first 7 months of 2017 have been the best we’ve ever seen in terms of customer acquisitions,” Mitchell told DIGIT. “This puts us even further ahead than we anticipated, meaning we can now start building on our 10-strong team.”

A new flagship office at Lanarkshire’s Eurocentral represents the next chapter in VectorCloud’s evolution. “In terms of location, Eurocentral is ideal for servicing businesses throughout Glasgow, Lanarkshire, and Edinburgh,” says Mitchell. “It’s also the perfect place to accommodate our growth plans.”

VectorCloud predates most of today’s tech giants – the company’s foundation in 1997 puts it into the IT world before Google or Facebook – and even prior to most businesses adopting email.

Mitchell commented: “The company began life 20 years ago as a result of one man’s technical knowledge and a genuine care for customers. Since then, we’ve seen incredible changes in the world of IT – but our ethos is the same, we always start with an understanding of our customer and their needs.”

The well-documented cyber-attacks of recent years have proven the value of VectorCloud’s service. Cassidy told DIGIT: “IT support is no longer about setting up PCs and fixing a printer fault, it’s now about providing 24/7 monitoring and being proactive in your approach. Businesses are becoming more and more reliant on their IT network which is why we are proud to have successfully provided 99.998% server uptime for our customers over the past 12 months.”

McKay told DIGIT the VectorCloud buyout is just the beginning of the new chapter: “The funding we have secured includes significant future investment, we have a detailed plan of how we will double the size of the business in the coming 5 years.”

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Brian Baglow


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