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UK Public Declare Drones a National Risk

Dominique Adams


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A report shows the UK’s perception of drones has hit a new low in the aftermath of the Gatwick and Heathrow airport chaos. 

The UK public believe that drones are a threat to national security and public safety due to misuse, according to Parliament Street’s latest report, Drones 4 U.

The report suggests that recent high-profile drone incidents, such as the drone disruptions at two major UK airports, has significantly impacted the public’s perception of drones negatively. The majority of the 2,000 people polled were unhappy with how the devices are sold and how easily accessible a potentially dangerous piece of equipment is.

38% of people thought drones should be completely banned from sale, while 83% called for a mandatory license system for drones, similar to the UK’s firearm and shotgun restrictions. Of this figure, 57% said they strongly agreed to such as system with 26% slightly agreeing. This result indicates a strong demand for greater regulation over the acquisition and use of drones.

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A staggering 83% felt that the UK lacked the necessary cyber skills to address the impending threat posed by drones and to keep up with the latest technology. 84% of people believed that cyber security experts should do more to help prevent future drone attacks.

The result of the report revealed that the public were worried more scenarios like the ones at Gatwick and Heathrow were on the horizon with 75% believing that drones will continue to pose a risk to national security. The report asserts that as a nation it is evident that the UK is lacking the essential training needed to manage drone security risks and recommends more investment in this area.

The report concludes that a simple blanket ban on drones is not the best solution since it will negatively impact business and those, such as the police force, using drones for good. Instead it recommends greater regulations be implemented to prevent misuse.

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