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UK Attracts More Talent as Demand for Tech Visas Grows

Michael Behr


UK tech visas
The UK’s cybersecurity, fintech and healthtech sectors proved the most attractive of the country’s tech sectors.

Demand for UK tech visas increased by 28% between April 2020 and March 2021, according to industry body Tech Nation.

In addition, applications for Visas reached 4,000 since 2014. According to Tech Nation, a third of this total came since July 2020. A further 58% have come in the last two years, showing a marked increase in the desirability of the UK as a destination for the world’s tech talent.

The statistics also showed that, despite lockdowns and the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, applications grew 28% between April 2020 and March 2021 compared to the same period a year earlier.

According to Tech Nation, the most popular industries are the cybersecurity, fintech and healthtech sectors, which have seen the largest increase of applications since 2018. There has been a 172% increase in the number of endorsed applicants in cybersecurity since 2018, a 75% increase in applicants from fintech backgrounds, and 117% more applicants coming through with a healthtech background.

The number of endorsed applications from founders has grown by 73% on average every year since 2018.

The group noted that 39% of the successful applicants chose to base themselves outside of London. Tech Nation cited Edinburgh, Newcastle, Cambridge, Oxford, Leeds, and Manchester as being among popular destinations.

Founding CEO of Tech Nation Gerard Grech said: “The UK is a global powerhouse for tech, not only due to our world-class ideas and innovation, but our world-class talent too.

“Tech Nation’s Global Talent Visa is just one of the many reasons the UK is such an attractive hub for ambitious and inspiring tech entrepreneurs, and will help ensure the UK remains one of the best destinations to start and scale a tech business in the months and years to come.”


The Global Talent Visa was created to encourage talented individuals possessing much needed skills to move to the UK. Tech Nation is one of six bodies that provide the endorsements needed for applicants to succeed.

The statistics come ahead of the launch of the Tech Nation Visa Report 2021, which will be released on September 16th.

Accessing talent is a crucial part of ensuring the future of the UK’s tech industry. A recent study warned that a lack of digital skills is preventing the majority of SMEs from using new technology.

While upskilling programmes or courses designed to teach cyber skills to children and teenagers are vital to ensuring the future of the UK’s tech industry, immigration programmes are vital to ensure immediate gaps are filled.

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