Two Scottish Companies Hit The Tech North Top 100

Two Scottish tech companies, TV Squared and ResDiary have made it into the first ever Tech North Top 100, which lists the fastest growing technology companies in the north of Britain.

TV Squared hit the number 2 spot, with growth of 163%. While restaurant booking service ResDiary reached number 16, with 76% growth.

Edinburgh-based TVSquared uses data analysis to measure and improve the efficiency of TV advertising. In early 2017 the company raised £5.2M in a funding round led by Sir Tom Hunter’s West Coast Capital.

ResDiary is a Glasgow-based software company which provides software to restaurant operators to help maximise their yield through reservations and table management. Over 7,200 restaurants across 61 countries generate 10.3M bookings per month.

Calum Smeaton, the founder and CEO of TVSquared told us: “Despite the proliferation of media, TV is still the most effective marketing channel for advertisers, who invest more than £156 billion a year on TV campaigns worldwide. TVSquared lets advertisers not only attribute TV’s impact on business outcomes, but measure and optimize campaign performance too. Today, we work with more than 400 brands, agency and networks in 50+ countries.”

Commenting upon the company reaching the number 2 position on the charts with 163% growth, Smeaton, said, “TVSquared’s growth is due to a stellar global team of employees, board members and investors, and robust technology that’s solved a major problem for a multi-billion dollar industry.”

ResDiary Founder Mike Conyers, told us: “We are delighted to have been announced as one of the Northern Tech 100 leaders. ResDiary was originally launched to act as a partner to hospitality operators, helping them manage their table reservations. Since we started trading ten years ago, we’ve continually strived to stay true to this goal.”

When asked about the company’s position in the top 20, with 76% growth, Conyers replied: “All of our operations team have extensive hospitality management experience and we actively encourage conversations about the direction of the product with our customers. I believe that this is why we continue to grow – our software is lead by inside knowledge and we work alongside our customers, rather than as just a supplier.”

Launched by TechNorth in January 2017, the top 100 was open to companies across the North of England and Scotland. Aimed at established companies which can demonstrate growth, the criteria for entry stipulates that entrants “must have been making money for the past three years with a minimum of £500,000 revenue in 2014.”

The final results reflect a large a diverse industry covering a broad range of sectors. 35 of the companies in the top 100 fall into the enterprise software category, followed by 26 digital media organisations, 13 IT services and 10 companies providing e-commerce.

Emerging tech sub-sectors including gaming (6 companies), edtech (3 companies), internet of things (2 companies), big data (2 companies), machine learning (1 company) and virtual reality (4 companies) are also represented, indicating growth in all of these areas as the commercial opportunities in these areas continues to grow and evolve.

You can find the complete Top 100 list on the Tech North website.

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