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Twitter is quietly working on an end-to-end encryption messaging feature, according to an inquisitive user this week. The company has neither confirmed nor denied the claims but this potential move has many users excited. 

Twitter’s direct messaging feature is a popular way to contact others on the platform. Whether you’re a whistleblower with sensitive information to share, a journalist looking to find it or just an everyday user contacting a friend, the feature brings people together.

What Twitter messaging lacks currently, however, is concrete security. This could all be changing though as according to an inquisitive Twitter user the social media platform appears to be testing an end-to-end encrypted messaging feature.

Twitter user Jane Manchun Wong posted a screenshot of what looks to be the encrypted messaging feature called “Secret Conversation”. This feature will allow users to securely message each other and also offer the option to view the encryption keys of themselves and the recipient.

This feature could prove to be highly popular for Twitter users, many of whom often turn to E2E messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram rather than using Twitter’s messaging services.

Jane first spotted the messaging facility inside the Twitter for Android Application Package; when unlaunched prototype features are tested by developers, application packages often leave clues in the way of code. Currently, it is unclear on when this feature will be launched, however for many Twitter users this new feature will be a welcomed addition to the platform.

Some Twitter users responding to the tweet said they welcomed the addition, with one stating “if they make all DMs end-to-end encrypted, Twitter can suddenly become a great communication tool – both public & private.”

Safety Through Encryption

Twitter has been the go-to platform for millions of people for quite some time now and is a hotbed of culture, politics and debate. With political discussion and campaign efforts scattered across the news feeds of millions of users worldwide – The addition of encrypted messaging could help boost user confidence in regards to sensitive correspondence. Currently, the highly popular messaging features found on Twitter are wide open to unwanted snoopers or hackers.

As a platform, Twitter has helped aid a number of political movements, particularly in parts of the Middle-East during the Arab Spring. For many around the world, talking out of tune with ones government can have life-threatening consequences but this feature could allow people worried about snooping – and subsequent reprisal – by governments to avoid potentially disastrous and life-threatening consequences.

Twitter Response

As of yet, Twitter has neither confirmed no denied the claims that they are working on this feature and yesterday Jack Dorsey responded to reports by Tech Crunch with a solitary emoji tweet – perhaps an indication of the forthcoming feature.

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