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Twitter Blue | What Does the New Subscription Service Offer?

Ross Kelly


Twitter Blue
Don’t worry, Twitter’s free-to-use platform is still very much alive and kicking.

Twitter has unveiled its new subscription service, dubbed ‘Twitter Blue’, with users in Australia and Canada set to gain early access.

According to the social media firm, the service will provide users with exclusive new features, including an “undo tweet” function, bookmark folders and a reader mode.

Twitter revealed subscribers will also get access to a range of “perks” such as “customizable app icons for their device’s home screen and fun colour themes for their Twitter app”.

The launch of Twitter Blue has been limited to Australian and Canadian users specifically, with the firm using this initial period to fine-tune the service and take user feedback on board.

“Our hope with this initial phase is to gain a deeper understanding of what will make your Twitter experience more customized,” Twitter said in a statement.

Prices for Twitter Blue will stand at $3.49CAD or $4.49AUD each month, with the free-to-use platform still available.

Twitter appeared keen to emphasise that the free-to-use platform is still open and available for users. Meanwhile, the subscription service is intended to enhance user experience.

“For those wondering, no, a free Twitter is not going away, and never will,” the firm explained.

“This subscription offering is simply meant to add enhanced and complementary features to the already existing Twitter experience for those who want it.”

Twitter Blue ‘perks’

Twitter said the raft of new features included with Twitter Blue were based on suggestions or requests from users.

“We’ve heard from the people that use Twitter a lot, and we mean a lot, that we don’t always build power features that meet their needs,” the firm said.

“We took this feedback to heart, and are developing and iterating upon a solution that will give the people who use Twitter the most what they are looking for: access to exclusive features and perks that will take their experience on Twitter to the next level.”

Twitter Blue

The bookmark folders feature, for instance, has been introduced based on previous complaints that the bookmarks feature is difficult to navigate.

At present, users seeking a specific bookmarked post would have to scroll past every other previously bookmarked tweet. With the new premium feature, users could save content to specific folders – which it appears they can also name.

“Bookmark Folders let you organize the Tweets you’ve saved by letting you manage content so when you need it, you can find it easily and efficiently,” Twitter explained.

Similarly, the Reader Mode will provide users with a “beautiful reading experiences by getting rid of the noise”.

This, the firm said, will make is easier for users to keep up with long threads by turning them into easy-to-read text.

Twitter Blue

There’s nothing worse than posting a tweet and discovering it’s riddled with spelling errors.

With the ‘Undo Tweet’ feature, users can set a customisable time of up to 30 seconds to click ‘undo’ before a tweet goes live.

What about British and American users?

As of yet, there are no indications of when UK or US-based users can access the new service.

However, according to reports from the BBC, previous listings in mobile app stores hint that it could cost British users £2.49 each month.

This is the latest move from Twitter as it looks to capitalise on changing consumer appetites and explore new ways to further commercialise the platform.

This year saw the firm officially launched its ‘Spaces’ feature. The audio-only chatrooms are similar in fuction to Clubhouse and let users enter rooms and engage in discussion.

In February, Twitter also hinted at the introduction of a ‘Super Follow‘ premium tweet feature. Reports at the time suggested the feature could allow users to charge followers for access to content.

If released, the feature could mean premium ‘followers’ of an account are granted exclusive access to tweets or given badges indicated their support of a specific account.

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