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TSB Customers Claim Data Breach

Ross Kelly


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System upgrades to TSB online and mobile banking services over the weekend have resulted in a torrent of customer complaints, with some claiming they have been given access to other users’ accounts – a potentially damaging data breach.

TSB has apologised to customers amid complaints of difficulties with its online and mobile banking services, with some customers claiming they have been given access to other customer’s banking details.

The bank had warned customers that it would be carrying out upgrades to online and mobile services between Friday April 20 and Sunday April 22. However, after the 6pm Sunday deadline customers claimed they still could not access their bank accounts, leaving many angry and concerned ahead of a new working week.

Some customers awoke on Monday morning to find that they still had no access to their bank accounts, and before long the frustration boiled over onto Twitter and other social media platforms.

In a statement released on Monday morning, TSB said: “We’re really sorry that some of our customers experienced problems accessing our mobile app and internet banking yesterday evening. Both of these services are now up and running again.”

Claims that mobile and online banking were back to normal have been refuted by a number of customers however, with some complaining on Twitter that they still couldn’t access their accounts and others claiming they had access to other people’s money.

Customer Data at Risk

A Paisley resident told the BBC that he had been credited with £13,000 after logging into the app on Sunday evening.

The TSB social media team faced a torrent of messages claiming similar experiences from its customers.

One user claimed they had complete access to someone else’s account details, claiming it was a “serious DPA [Data Protection Act] breach” and asked “what would the FCA [Financial Conduct Authority] say about this!”

Craig Malcolm, another account holder at TSB claimed in a tweet (since deleted) that he “had access to everything in that persons account” and that he “could see the account number, sort code and transaction history of 5 different accounts.”

Amid the claims of data protection breaches some customers told TSB they would be closing their accounts once the issue is resolved, with Twitter user Hannah saying “as soon as I get access to my own money I will be closing my accounts down”.

TSB says it is “working as hard and as fast as we can” to resolve the issues customers are encountering.

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