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New App Offers Podcast Automation

Dominique Adams


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New Alitu app developed by Dundee company ‘The Podcast Host’ to change the podcasting game. 

A newly developed app is expected to transform the popular podcast sharing website, The Podcast Host, into a software as a service provider (SaaS), which could potentially boost the company’s turnover to between £15 and £20 million a year within the next four years.

The Podcast Host believes that Alitu, which is the company’s first app, will revolutionise podcasting for individuals, SMEs and larger companies. By automating the production and publishing process, creating original content will become much easier and thus more accessible to everyone.

Founder and CEO Colin Gray said: “We’ll be helping tens of thousands of podcasters to run great quality shows by offering Alitu. It’ll let people simply upload a raw recording and we’ll make it sound good, add their branding, and publish it to the web.” For a subscription fee they will take on the burden of getting podcast content polished, branded out there.”

Podcast Popularity Increasing

Founded in 2015, The Podcast Host provides tools, training and resources to help companies and individuals start their own podcasts.

While podcasts are still not considered as mainstream as other methods of entertainment, according to Radio Joint Audience Research (Rajar), the official body in charge of measuring radio audiences in the UK, around 4.7 million people download podcasts each week. Notable celebrities such as Harry Shearer, Bill Maher, Ricky Gervais, Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin have already embraced the podcast format.

Podcasts have an increasing foothold within the world of content creation and should not be overlooked. According to research from Ofcom 42% of podcast listeners were queuing up podcasts more often than they had been a year ago, which suggests that listening to podcasts is habit forming.

Ofcom also found that 51% of respondents listened to podcasts because they found them interesting, while 26% tuned in to “learn something new.” It is likely by using apps like Alitu, which make the whole process of producing quality podcasts easier, more creators and businesses will be encouraged to start using  podcasts as a way to engage with their audience.

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