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The Love Island App: How People Are Consuming Trending Topics

Sinead Donnelly


Love Island App

Streaming media content delivered via apps to mobile devices is expected to be the primary form of content consumption globally by 2020.

Sun-filled dating reality contest, Love Island has become ITV2’s most successful show in the channel’s history – drawing in an average of 2.7 million viewers, six nights a week. The 2019 debut episode alone was tuned into by more than 3.3 million people.

However, six hours per week doesn’t appear to be enough for fans, with ITV reporting total Love Island app downloads of 2 million in 2018. According to research from mobile data specialist Ogury, the official Love Island app had more active users (76.2%) than the likes of Uber (60.5%), Deliveroo (61.7%), BBC News (71.1%), ASOS (76%) and British Airways (61.2%).

The average user spent more time on the Love Island app (8 mins, 9 secs) than on Facebook (6 mins, 24 secs), Twitter (4 mins, 1 sec) or Whatsapp (7 mins). Spikes in app activity were recorded during public votes and key events in the show – including dramatic break-ups and ‘recouplings’.

Mukul Krishna, an analyst from Frost and Sullivan, a business consulting firm involved in market research and analysis, believes that online video is redefining the way society “communicates, learns, records our lives and experiences entertainment”.

Most video experiences are delivered through apps, according to Krishna, which means that “device and app innovation is shaping the future of consumer video”.

The Cisco Visual Networking Index suggests that PCs will account for only 19% of IP traffic by 2022, whereas smartphones will be responsible for 44%.

“Correspondingly, global mobile devices will grow from 8.6 billion in 2017 to 12.3 billion in 2022,” Krishna adds.

He also outlines that consumer preference for streaming services and on-demand content from the cloud is also evident in recent years’ exponential subscriber growth for Over-the-Top (OTT) media services such as Netflix.

“Therefore, streaming media content delivered via apps to mobile devices is expected to be the primary form of content consumption globally,” he says.


The 2019 official Love Island app is available to download for Android and Apple iOS users. The app is free to download and use via the iTunes app store or on Play Store. Users can listen to the official Love Island podcast, purchase the islander’s clothing or pick up the iconic Love Island water bottle.

Love Island viewers can also take part in all public votes via the app. This has previously been used to allow viewers to pick who leaves, who returns and much more. Although voting through the app is free, users need a valid iTunes account to be able to participate in any public votes.

With a peak viewership of 3.7 million in 2018, Love Island continues to grow a cult following. From driving viewers back to the TV screen, inspiring fashion and even plastic surgery trends, the Love Island app is an indication of how fans engage with and consume trending content on mobile today.

These insights clearly outline the evolving behaviour of consumers and in-app activity around trending topics, which can help to inform key mobile and online marketing decisions.

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Sinead Donnelly


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