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Tech Industry the Least Secure Against Cyber Attacks, say Hackers

David Paul



Research indicates that 18% of hackers believe the technology sector has the most room for improvement in cybersecurity.

As many as 18% of ethical hackers believe that the tech industry has the most work to do when it comes to improving its cybersecurity.

This is one of the key findings of a report by hacker-powered security platform HackerOne, which collected data from more than 3,150 people who had reported one or more valid security vulnerabilities on the platform.

Of those polled, 18% said that the tech industry is falling behind in terms of its cybersecurity, followed by government (16%) and finance (14%).

HackerOne’s report showed that almost two-thirds of hackers do not report bugs they have found, with 38% of those saying it is due to “threatening legal language” issued by companies once vulnerabilities have been discovered.

In other cases, 21% of hackers said companies did not have obvious channels available to report bugs, while 15% said companies were “unresponsive to previous bug reports”.

A report published by the Information Commissioner’s Office showed intentions to fine high-profile organisations within the travel and hospitality sector after several major data breaches, although only 1% of hackers believe that those industries require the most improvement in data security.


The ethical hacking community has grown into a major industry, with more than 600,000 registered hackers. In 2019, hackers earned almost $40 million (£31 million) in ‘bug bounties’; pay-outs for hackers finding bugs in security systems. Governments around the world are slowly beginning to adopt ethical hacking to protect data.

HackerOne CEO Marten Mickos said: “Hackers represent a global force for good, coming together to help address the growing security needs of our increasingly interconnected society.

“The community welcomes all who enjoy the intellectual challenge to creatively overcome limitations. Their reasons for hacking may vary, but the results are consistently impressing the growing ranks of organisations embracing hackers through crowd-sourced security — leaving us all a lot safer than before.”

David Paul

Staff Writer, DIGIT

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