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Scottish Entrepreneurs Kick Off Silicon Valley Accelerate Programme

Ray Bugg


The ‘Accelerate’ programme provides technology entrepreneurs with unique access inside some of Silicon Valley’s most innovative and successful businesses as well as insight from the leaders who are helping shape and build its eco-system. Emerging Scottish business leaders are meeting with entrepreneurs, investors and innovation pioneers who are driving forward Silicon Valley’s culture of innovation and creativity. Russell Dalgleish kicks off a week long blog for DIGIT on their experiences in worlds most exciting tech city.

The morning commenced at 6.15am as I clambered into our “van” and headed off to pick up the team at various locations around San Francisco. The city isn’t too hard to commute at this time in the morning which is a blessing when you are behind the wheel of a 16 seater carrying some of the top UK entrepreneurs.

First event on the agenda was run by Zoi Kantounatou of Future X. We headed to Golden Gate Park and ran though a set of team building exercises which really got the group bonding exercise of to a good start. On these trips its essential to bring people together to support each other and thus ensure all get maximum benefit from their investment in the programme.

First meeting was 500 Start Ups, Doug Maclure’s venture initiative to nurture and support very early stage businesses. Though all running more established businesses the group got a real flavour for the level of commitment and drive needed to simply survive as a Startup in San Francisco.

“Everyday at 500 Startups is a masterclass in how to build a kick ass Startup.”

Next was a real highlight for me as we returned to visit Rocketspace founded by fellow Scot Duncan Logan. It was here in 2014 that Bruce Walker delivered the inaugural WeAreTheFuture summit the outputs from which have tailored so much of my thoughts on building successful technology companies today.

At Rocketspace we were hosted by Mark Weiss, Ecosystem General Manager. The buzz in the room was palpable as he ran through the Roketspace model. You may not have heard that much about Rocketspace yet but you will as centres are opened up around the world including a 1,100 desk unit in London. You’ll catch Duncan Logan in Scotland in May as he returns to speak at EIE.

The group then split up to attend various meetings. For Gordon Coulter and I it was a quick trip to LinkedIn then over to Google to attend a Meetup on the future of Mobile Technology.

Excellent first day, ended by catching up on emails at our AirBnB in Potrero Hill.

Ray Bugg

Founder - DIGIT

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