Stop Prevaricating and Start Leading

My name is Craig and I am a digital leader who knows how to make a difference in today’s business world.

I realise that that may sound just a tad big-headed and provocative but it’s true and I am comfortable saying it. Now can you try replacing my name with yours in that first sentence and saying it out loud?

How did it feel? Liberating? False? Uplifting? Depressing? Honest?

Now ask yourself:

• “How would my boss react if they heard me saying that?”
• “How would my peers react if they heard me saying that?”
• “How would my team react if they heard me saying that?”

If you don’t like your answers to those questions, what you really need to ask yourself is, “what am I going to do to change that?”.

To help you make you first positive changes to becoming a digital leader, here are a few questions to answer:

• “Do I feel match fit to lead in this digital age?”
• “Do I know what the next step is on my digital journey?”
• “Are my digital investments generating real business value?”
• “Am I using my energy to move forward, or to justify why it’s too hard to move forward?”
• “Who in my network is 6 months more experienced than me that I can reach out to for help?”

So how did you get on answering those questions? Was it hard to be honest? Did you like the answers? Don’t worry if getting started is hard, hard is good, hard can mean that you are poised to do something that will have real impact.

Off all the questions above, “Who in my network is 6 months more experienced than me that I can reach out to for help?” is the most important, as it’s the one that allows you to take your first step forward. Reach out and use your network.

My advice is to be humble, learn from others and focus on business value. Now, get out there and make a difference.

I’ll end on one last question (and feel free to post your comments below), “what is the next step you will take to become a digital leader?”.

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