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Startup Summit Competition 2020 | Meet the Semi-Finalists

Ross Kelly


Startup Summit Competition

More than 100 companies applied to take part in this year’s Startup Summit Competition.

Last week, FutureX announced the semi-finalists for the 2020 Startup Summit Competition.

Held annually, the Startup Summit Competition aims to showcase innovative tech for good businesses, with entrants focusing on solving some of the most pressing societal or environmental issues.

Past entrants include Scottish startups such as Care Sourcer, Talking Medicines and StoriiCare, who have collectively raised £12.5m from investors since.

The competition acts as a pathway to Silicon Valley, with a fully-funded place on FutureX’s Silicon Valley Scale programme, and more than £60,000 of business support from Johnston Carmichael, STV and others, among the prizes.

This year, more than 100 startups applied to take part in the competition, with entrants spanning a diverse range of industries. That number has been whittled down to just five now as we edge ever-closer to the Startup Summit, held on 28th & 29th October.

DIGIT has compiled a list of this year’s semi-finalists (in no particular order) for you to check out.

Meet the Contestants


CyberShell is a digital platform which provides security solutions to the software industry.

Founded by computing scientist Tayyaba Nafees, the company’s technology alerts software developers of potential vulnerabilities in their IT systems during the early stages of the design process.

This allows developers to address and mitigate any issues before the software is commercially released.

In 2018, Nafees was recognised at the Scottish Cyber Awards, scooping up first prize in the Leading Light Innovation category.

This Edinburgh-based startup hopes to transform the way purpose-driven businesses think about marketing.

Founded in 2017 by Lucinda Bray, provides marketing platforms for entrepreneurs and companies to create and deliver their own marketing strategies.

The startup’s online tools guide users through the development and delivery of marketing strategies, thus greatly streamlining and simplifying the process. Using the company’s tools, organisations are better equipped to raise awareness of their brand and promote themselves to a wider audience. has been raising eyebrows in the Scottish tech sector for quite some time now. Founder Lucinda Bray recently reached the finals of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

Frog Systems

Glasgow-based digital company, Frog Systems, aims to tackle mental health and social care issues and encourage people to lead healthier lifestyles.

The company’s Frog platform provides access to information needed by local communities to connect and bring people together; from car boot sales and concerts to support groups and community clean-up initiatives.

A key feature of Frog is the Champions Cinema, an online channel where users can share their stories and personal experiences in short 60 second videos. These videos and inspirational messages appeal to a wide range of people struggling with issues such as depression, addiction or eating disorders.

Music legends Nile Rodgers and Midge Ure, as well as actor and comedian Sanjeev Kohli, produced their own videos for the launch of Frog in 2019.

Konglomerate Games

Konglomerate Games hopes to improve people’s health and lives through video games, what’s not to like about this dynamic young startup?

The firm specialises in the development of games for use in healthcare settings, as well as other gamification services.

Based in Dundee, Konglomerate Games was founded last year and has already made a great name for itself. Earlier this year, the firm announced the release of a game designed around physio care for children with cystic fibrosis.

Including games in physiotherapy helps to encourage people to perform their physio techniques, which can often be a tedious process.

Healthcare isn’t the sole focus at Konglomerate Games, however. The firm has plans to bring gamification to various forms of education as a means of boosting engagement.

Social Good Connect

Social Good Connect is a digital search and match platform that connects employers and their employees to volunteering opportunities which positively impact the community.

Founded by Caroline McKenna, the platform swiftly matches employees to opportunities based on their relevant skills and experience. Similarly, employers are able to track – in real-time – the impact their team is having through the platform.

The Social Good Connect platform could prove vital for charities and provide access to a broad range of skilled volunteers. Additionally, the firm says charities can streamline volunteer search and recruitment processes.

The firm has already worked with a range of organisations to help facilitate volunteering opportunities, including Dundee-based Broker Insights, Tayside Cancer Support, and Social Bite.

Startup Summit 2020

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