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Soluis Group Wins £1M Government Research Grant

Brian Baglow


Soluis consortium Augmented Worker System

£1 million grant awarded to develop the use of virtual and augmented reality in the construction industry.

A consortium of companies, led by Glasgow-based visualisation specialist Soluis, has secured InnovateUK funding to develop an Augmented Worker System (AWE) for the construction sector.

The goal is to develop a system that uses the current generation of VR headsets, in tandem with Building Information Modelling (BIM), to reduce costs and waste and increase productivity.

Partners in the Soluis consortium are: Aecom, Laing O’Rourke, Doosan Babcock, Autodesk and Microsoft, as well as the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and the Advanced Forming Research Centre.

In-Site, Soluis Group’s augmented reality asset management tool was trialled with Laing O’Rourke at Crossrail’s Liverpool Street station.

Martin McDonnell, chairman of Soluis Group said: “The proof of concept project with Crossrail showed how this technology could be applied and add incredible value to the industry. Our vision was to develop this concept much further and create a set of tools that would form the augmented worker of the future.

“For a business like us, we could only drive this innovation a certain amount and working with the consortium and receiving funding from Innovate UK will help us achieve this much faster and more effectively.”

David Philp, the Aecom BIM director, said: “Construction technology is reshaping how we deliver and maintain our built assets. It is increasingly helping us place digital information into the real world in the right context supporting and augmenting the decision-making process.

“Real-time access to individualised data, analytics and instructions during the construction and operational stages will greatly improve productivity, quality and also help worker well-being.

“Creating a framework and guidance around the augmented worker is critically important if we are to successfully unlock this value proposition.”

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Brian Baglow


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