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Smartphone Scanning Tech to Help Find Child Abuse and Terrorist Material

David Paul


Cyan Forensics and Susteen

Cyan Forensics and Susteen are collaborating to help law enforcement agencies scan for images faster than ever before.

Edinburgh-based Cyan Forensics has announced a new partnership with Susteen, a California-based developer of mobile forensic tools, to deliver rapid triage capability for smartphones.

The technology is a combination of Cyan Forensics’ scanning tech and Susteen’s Datapilot DP10 platform and is designed to help police forces scan for child abuse and terrorist images online.

Cyan Forensics’ technology is already used by the Home Office Child Abuse Image Database system and policing across the UK for offences relating to Child Sexual Abuse Material and is deployed with counter-terror policing in the UK and Europe.

The firm says that adding its rapid scanning technology to Susteen’s Datapilot DP10 will “provide a vital new capability for front-line police officers and counter-terrorism teams” to be able to scan mobile phones quickly and accurately in the field.

Ian Stevenson, CEO and co-founder at Cyan Forensics, commented: “It has always been our intention to make our rapid scanning capability available as widely as possible.

“The ability to scan smartphones is vital, and in Susteen we have found a partner with complementary products and shared values. We are both specialists in our fields and by bringing our individual expertise together, we can create a cutting-edge tool that rapidly scans smartphones in the field for illegal imagery.

“I’m excited to get this capability into the hands of front-line users dealing with child abuse and terrorism investigations and help them in their work.”

People are moving increasingly to different devices for internet use, with over 3.2 billion smartphone users globally last year. Offending activity is following suit, with police experiencing a huge increase in the number of smartphones being examined for evidence.

With Europol reporting increases in online child sexual exploitation during Covid-19, it is becoming increasingly important that police forces are able to quickly and effectively find the evidence, whether it is on computers, hard drives or mobile phones.


Steve Lin, President at Susteen, stated: “Our top priority has always been and will continue to be to empower law enforcement in protecting children from online exploitation.

“This partnership with Cyan Forensics will give law enforcement the ability get rapid results while on-scene and also quickly identify illegal images, giving them the ability to make quick and actionable decisions without the traditional lengthy wait on a forensic lab.

“Both companies focus on using cutting edge technology to make collecting evidence faster and easier. We are passionate about helping law enforcement to solve more crimes with technology.”

The partnership will help both companies to serve a wider range of customers internationally. The product is portable and made as easy to use a possible, with Susteen saying it will provide regular updates to support new phones and software.

David Paul

Staff Writer, DIGIT

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