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Smarter Grid Solutions R&D Projects Surpass £20m Milestone

Ross Kelly


Smarter Grid Solutions

The firm also revealed it has enabled more than £300 million of investment in clean energy assets.

Scottish technology company, Smarter Grid Solutions (SGS), says the value of research and development (R&D) projects underpinned by its technology has surpassed £20 million.

The Glasgow-based company, which has offices in New York and California, provides distributed energy resource management system (DERMS) software to energy grid operators.

SGS has been involved in a range of R&D programmes on both sides of the Atlantic, with projects focusing on enabling electrical grid operators to address climate change and meet net-zero carbon emission targets.

One particular project involving SGS’ technology saw the development of smart ‘micro-grids’ that can manage electric supply and demand across cities, rural areas or even individual industrial sites.

In addition to underpinning a range of innovative projects, the firm revealed that it has enabled more than £300 million of investment in clean energy assets.

Bob Currie, chief technology officer and co-founder of SGS, commented: “Decarbonising grids has been at the heart of SGS’ business since the company was founded in 2008 and, during the past decade, we’ve seen an amazing shift in the energy landscape, with consumers and politicians alike now pushing towards net zero.

“The R&D we carry out in partnership with grid operators and fellow technology companies lies at the heart of achieving these goals.”

In Europe, the firm is working closely with UK Power Networks to connect more distributed energy resources (DERs), such as renewable energy devices and batteries to its grid.

It has also partnered with SP Energy Networks on electric vehicle smart charging and a project that will allow more DERs to be connected to existing network infrastructure, which in the long-term will avoid more costly grid upgrades.


Currie added: “Progress is already being made to decarbonise our power grids, but the real victories will come when our heat and transport networks are also electrified to remove or minimise carbon dioxide emissions.

“That means connecting cars, vans and other EVs to the grid so they can be recharged, and also heating and cooling our homes, businesses and factories using electricity instead of gas, oil or other polluting fuels.”

Smarter Grid Solutions has a number of upcoming R&D projects on the horizon, including work to integrate electric heating and alternative fuels such as green hydrogen into the grid.

Ross Kelly

Staff Writer

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