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Tech sexism survey for Scotland’s IT sector

Chloe Henderson


sexism survey

Digital recruitment firm Be-IT Resourcing are conducting a Sexism in IT survey in order to shed light onto experiences of women in Scotland’s tech sector.

Sexism surveyRunning until the end of August, the sexism survey will collect responses to a series of questions that will be independently collated and analysed by recruitment and marketing advisor thePotentMix in September. The results are intended to sample a sufficiently robust cross section of the sector in to draw firm conclusions about the extent of sexism, both towards men and women, in the digital sector. As such, it contains several questions that are specific to both male and female respondents.

The report can then be used to examine to what extent the gender divide in STEM studies can be attributed to sexism in the IT industry. As recruiters in the IT field, Be-IT claim to be “acutely aware” of the fact that the majority of their candidates are male.

The recent Tackling The Technology Gender Gap Together reported that women represent only 18% of the digital workforce in Scotland. This is despite increasing evidence to suggest that companies with more than 30% of female executives show increased organisational performance, profitability, and governance.

The survey comes as a growing number of female voices decried a continuing culture of sexism in male-dominated Silicon Valley. Accusations concerning the lack of women in tech roles, and outright sexism within the industry, reached their boiling point when a number of female employees to major tech firms went public with allegations of unwanted sexual advances at the top of the industry. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was forced to resign in June after months of scandal surrounding the company’s treatment of female employees. New research also revealed that male-led companies raise 5 times the amount of money than female-led ones, and that female entrepreneurs are asked different questions to their male counterparts. Despite this, little progress has been made in tackling the problem.

Results from the Sexism in IT survey will be made freely available in September, and shared here on DIGIT.



Chloe Henderson

Staff Writer - DIGIT

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