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Selling Memes Online Could Make You a Millionaire – Here’s How

Sinead Donnelly


Selling Memes

You can literally make a living from selling memes these days, and DIGIT has put together a quick guide on how you can do just that.

What exactly is a meme? A meme has been described as an idea, behaviour, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture – often with the aim of conveying a cultural phenomenon or symbol.

A pretty sophisticated description considering a meme is charmingly idiotic by its creation. However, by combing the right culturally relevant image with a witty caption, many memes have gone viral on social media. Why? When it comes down to it, memes rely on one emotion we all possess – humour.

While usually the goal behind these internets inside jokes is to make you laugh, some of these memes mean serious business. Indeed, many savvy social media users have made millions from designing, producing and selling memes that appeal to a global network. However, that said it’s not as easy as slapping a witty caption onto a couple of humorous images and waiting for your bank account to triple.

You need to build up a following and then actually market your services. However, the good news is you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home using no more than your smartphone.

In order to get started, experts advise you to make some social media accounts and broadcast your images to followers. Eventually, you can start approaching brands that you think might benefit from some meme-related attention and form working relationships. There are also many examples of platforms which can help you to get your meme career kick-started. For example, MemesChain is a platform that helps you own and monetize your most creative memes, using the power of blockchain and AI.


MemesChain is blockchain-powered ownership platform. Blockchain powers all of the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum etc. You can buy, sell, or trade your Memes, safe in the knowledge that ownership will be tracked securely – thus ensuring your memes are not plagiarized.

On Etsy, you can sell whatever meme-inspired creation that you’re able to whip up. Other sites like Redbubble allow you to simply make some memes and have the service print the design onto a variety of different items, including T-shirts and hoodies.

Although many memes have transcended geographic boundaries by going global on social media, DIGIT has put together some of the most popular memes that continue to be used on social media platforms.

Pregnant Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner’s surprise pregnancy was gossip-worthy enough to inspire countless memes, including this still image which people online took to using as a reaction to hypothetical situations involving meeting any mildly attractive individual.

Confused Cardi B

Everyone knows what it feels like to be completely lost when trying to follow a conversation, and Cardi B on the red carpet at the Grammy’s is all of us when all we’re really thinking is, “I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about”.

The moth meme

Moths wouldn’t strike you as the most comical of insects. However, when a Reddit user posted a close-up photograph of a moth outside his window, users immediately made a meme out of the insect that really put moths on the world meme stage.

Anything Gemma Collins-related

She’s the bubbly blonde loudmouth whose dramas have made explosive viewing on The Only Way Is Essex for the past six years. However, Gemma Collins has now bagged herself a new role: Queen of the Internet Meme. An assortment of memes appear to go viral every time Collins opens her straight-talking mouth.

Selling Memes

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