SeedHaus Invests in Three New Scottish Startups

Seed Haus Cohort Two

Three new technology start-ups have received funding from some of Scotland’s most successful business leaders and investors, through the Seed Haus pre-seed incubator.

Three of Scotland’s most ambitious new technology start-ups have been chosen to participate in the second cohort of the Seed Haus incubator, receiving pre-seed investment, infrastructure, office space, guidance and mentoring from some of the country’s leading entrepreneurs.

Casta Spes Technologies, the creators of a robotic all-terrain vehicle, PingGo, a media engagement platform and Jukebox Labs, the world’s first trivia-as-a-service company, were selected after a strict recruitment process, which to date, has received over 230 applications to participate.

Founded by Calum Forsyth (CEO) and Robin Knox (Chairman), Seed Haus addresses a significant gap in the startup ecosystem and represents one of the only Scottish organisations, built on private equity, that supports startups at the pre-seed stage.

All Star Cast

Seed Haus boasts an enviable roster of high profile and expert investors, including: Alistair Forbes, James Watt (Co-founder of BrewDog), Gavin Dutch, Paul Walton, Judy Wilson, Rob Dobson, Paddy Burns, Chris van der Kuyl, Paul Davidson, and Sir Tom Hunter.

In addition to the funding, the startups also receive professional services and technical support from a suite of advisors including: MBM Commercial, Johnston Carmichael, Silicon Valley Bank, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Hubspot, and many more tech partners.

Calum Forsyth, said: “We’re delighted to welcome these outstanding founders to the Seed Haus community. The next few months will involve a tremendous amount of work as we double down on building out products and refining user acquisition strategies but we are all very much looking forward to it.”

Seed Haus Cohort Two: PingGo LogoSarah Lee, the founder of PingGo, told DIGIT:

“When you start out on the startup journey, you think it’s a six piece jigsaw puzzle. Definitely do-able…

“Then you find out it’s actually a 16 piece – definitely still do-able – and before you know it you’re wrestling with a 1000 piece jigsaw and a nagging feeling that this is only just the start.

“SeedHaus is where I get to lay out all 1000 pieces on a big table and start piecing it all together. There is an extraordinary community of skills and experience all willing to give me a hand with practical advice and insight.

“This is where PingGo will thrive and flourish. I’m coming to SeedHaus with a live product and an international customer base. Now it’s time to bring everything together and fast forward.

“I feel very lucky to be here and excited about the future.”

Ian LeBruce, the Marketing Director of Casta Spes Technologies (CST) commented:

“Seed Haus is providing two big things for CST, backing from some of the biggest business names in Scotland and a collaborative space full of great individuals.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working for Chris and Paddy in the past, as well as knowing Tom and Rob through various groups so I know we have the best behind us. Having gone through the E-Spark accelerator, I know the benefits first hand of a space like Seed Haus, an environment full of drive, energy and most importantly, accountability.”

Seed Haus Cohort Two: Jukbox Labs LogoBrian Baglow, the co-founder of Jukebox Labs (and editor of DIGIT, i.e. me), said:

“Scotland is not short of resources for founders with ambitions to start new companies, especially in the digital technology sector. However, there’s nothing else out there like Seed Haus. The mentoring, the advice and the access to some of the country’s most successful business leaders, makes it a unique opportunity.

“Jukebox Labs has already started to see the benefits of being involved with the incubator, from expert business support, to feedback and advice from founders and investors who have already created successful companies. We still can’t quite believe we made it into this cohort and we plan to take full advantage of every benefit and do our very best to make Jukebox Labs another Scottish success story.”

The initial Seed Haus cohort of companies, which are all either in the midst of, or are about to begin fundraising, will work alongside cohort 2 in the incubator space and lend peer support to the incoming startups.

Seed Haus is opening up office hours to both founders and ‘pre-founders’, people currently in employment but thinking of building a startup. Those interested in exploring ideas with the Seed Haus team can apply to join these sessions directly through the Seed Haus website.

(You’ll be finding out more about Jukebox Labs – and the other Seed Haus companies – through DIGIT in the near future…)

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