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Winners Revealed at 2019 Scottish Tech Startup Awards

Ross Kelly


Brian Corcoran of Turing Fest and Jude Cook of ShareIn

Find out all of the winners from the second annual Scottish Tech Startup Awards.

The winners of the 2019 Scottish Tech Startup Awards have been announced, with Edinburgh firm Speech Graphics taking home the Startup of the Year award.

Hosted at Edinburgh’s Jam House, the second-annual awards ceremony saw more than 500 people celebrate and recognise the innovative figures and organisations operating across Scotland’s tech ecosystem.

Speech Graphics develops facial animation technology for the entertainment industry. Founded by Michael Berger and Dr Gregor Hoffer, the firm has worked with a range of high-profile clients including Warner Brothers and secured £2 million in funding last October.

Agritech company, Intelligent Growth Solutions, marked another success this year, scooping up the Tech for Good award. IGS secured £5.4 million in June to continue developing its pioneering vertical farming technology. Meanwhile, ShareIn CEO Jude Cook was recognised as CEO of the Year.

Speaking to DIGIT, Cook said: “It’s amazing to be recognised [at the Tech Startup Awards] and the whole event is really fantastic, it’s a great thing that Brian [Corcoran] and team are doing. Most of the team all came out tonight and it’s been great, you can really hear the vibe here.”

Three new categories featured at this year’s awards, SaaS Startup of the Year, Hardware Startup of the Year and Mobile Startup of the year.

In the SaaS Startup category, Adimo took home first prize, while Edinburgh firm Criton secured the prize for Mobile Startup of the Year. Current Health, who also won two awards at last year’s awards, was recognised as the Mobile Startup of the Year.

Commenting on the event, Turing Fest CEO Brian Corcoran said: “People have travelled here from Dundee, Glasgow and the heavy hitters from the Edinburgh tech scene, so I think we had some great finalists and we are delighted for the winners.

“I think conferences like Turing Fest are about showcasing what’s going on in Scotland to a wider audience, but this is really about everyone within the eco-system, it’s about ourselves.”

Corcoran added: “We [the Scottish tech sector] should do more get-togethers. I think it’s fantastic that we had 50 amazing finalists this evening and ten very happy winners. But actually, getting everybody together is the more important part because ecosystems are built on community.”

All of the winners at the 2019 Scottish Tech Startup Awards

Winners in each category are as follows:

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