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Scottish Science Centres Receive Funding Boost

Dominique Adams


Glasgow science centre

This latest cash grant from the Scottish Government takes the centres’ funding over the last four years to £10 million.

Science minister Richard Lochhead announced the funding boost at a recent visit to the Glasgow Science Centre during British Science Week. This injection of £2.63 million takes the total amount given to the science centres over the past four years to £10 million.

The grant for 2019-20 is aimed at making Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) accessible to everyone, with a special effort to engage pupils in rural and deprived areas.

Along with the operational grant for the four centres in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen, the fund includes;

  • A schools transport subsidy, to support pupils in rural and deprived areas accessing the centres
  • A community subsidy, to support centres’ engagement with a greater diversity of people

During his visit, Lochhead said: “Today’s announcement of £2.63m will further our aim of increasing access to public science engagement events, as part of our STEM strategy for education and training.

“Our science centres help make science, technology, engineering and maths accessible to a wide public audience of all ages and from all backgrounds.

“More than 690,000 visitors passed through the doors of Scotland’s four Science Centres in the calendar year 2018 alone, and this funding for 2019-20 will provide more opportunities for people from all over Scotland to get involved in science over the coming year.”

Chief scientific adviser Prof Sheila Rowan said: “Science, technology, engineering and maths impact our everyday lives, and our science centres are great places to explore, discover and nurture skills.

“Through workshops, events and hands-on exhibitions, people of all ages can engage with STEM and learn about our world and beyond.”

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