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Scottish Robotics Leading The Way

Ross Kelly


Scottish Robot

Scottish Robot, Marty, has been named a finalist in the 2018 Made In Scotland Awards and has been growing from strength to strength in recent years. With big deals in South Korea and a growing number of awards under his belt, Marty will help in educating the world’s next generation of coders and makers.

Marty the Robot, has been making headlines recently, and the future is bright for this innovative educational product.

High demand for the educational robot – developed by Edinburgh-based startup, Robotical – has seen a huge order from South Korean extra-curricular organisation, Wise Club, and now it has been named as a finalist in the 2018 Made In Scotland Awards.

Marty has been named as a finalist in the Best New Product category in this years awards, and may soon need a bigger robot mantelpiece for the trophies, having also bagged:

Robotical founder, Dr Alexander Enoch, says the inspiration behind Marty was to create a product that inspires and engages young people by giving them a hands-on experience with a functioning robot, saying: “I really hope we’ll inspire a few [young people] to consider STEM careers, as well as encouraging those who are already engage to progress faster.”

Since Marty’s launch in 2017, the response from around the world has been nothing short of remarkable, with sellouts a regular occurrence. This high level of demand has since led Robotical to increase its production of the robot and also the places in which Marty is available to buy – including Amazon. With such a meteoric rise to fame, it’s hardly surprising that Marty has been nominated for the Made in Scotland Awards.

Marty Travels to South Korea

A recent order from the Wise Club in South Korea shows that Marty is a product that can inspire and engage not only young people aspiring to careers in STEM subjects at home, but across the globe. The Wise Company is a South Korean education company that provides extra-curricular activities and education for kids in a nation that prides itself on technological innovation; with education in coding a primary focus.

The Wise Club’s coding courses have been in high demand in South Korea recently, and the firm has grown exponentially in recent years. It has 50 offices and over 1000 teachers working across the nation teaching the next generation of STEM experts. Due to its’ popularity, the Wise Club has ordered over 2,000 Marty the Robots from the Edinburgh-based startup to help meet the growing demand for its’ courses.

Myles Bax, Business Development at Robotical recently visited South Korea to finalise the deal and believes this is an exciting time for Robotical – Branching out into booming robotics markets could see the firm grow from strength to strength and showcase Scottish innovation on a global platform: “The contract with the Wise Club is very exciting for us, and we’re looking forward to developing our ongoing partnership.

“The initial order will be used to demonstrate what Marty can do and then Wise Club will be developing coding classes using Marty.”

Scottish Robot Leading The Way?

Scotland has booming digital and science industries and this recent move by Robotical further suggests that Scottish startups can be world-leaders in a host of industries; Robotics will shape the future of global education, industry and enterprise, and Marty could play a pivotal role in this.

Dr Enoch said: “We have had an excellent response to Marty since the launch, and being named a finalist in the Made in Scotland Awards is just further evidence that hopefully what we are doing is making a difference in educating the next generation of coders and engineers.”

Marty Going Rogue?

On Monday, Digit reported on a suggested boycott of a collaboration between a South Korean arms manufacturer and science institute after it was reported that the two were working to develop AI technologies to be applied to military weapons.

The fear is that this use of AI in a military capacity could accelerate the arms race to develop autonomous weapons systems and, in the long-term, terrifying military robots, determined to KILL ALL HUMANS!

However, Marty won’t be going all SkyNet on us any time soon, as he is produced purely for educational purposes (the weapons pod is a purely theoretical add-on we’re assured). With a bright future ahead of him, there’s no sign that Marty the Robot will be terminated any time soon.

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