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Gamers Compete to be Crowned Scotland’s First Video Game Champ

Sinead Donnelly


Scottish Gaming Championships

A prestigious trophy and an assortment of video gaming prizes are up for grabs for the tournament winner.

Described as the Olympic Decathlon of gaming, the 2019 PLAY Expo Glasgow will host the first Scottish Gaming Championships at Braehead, on Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th of June.

The highly anticipated two-day tournament is open to everyone with a competitive streak and a passion for video games. The final will be streamed live around the world on Twitch and social media channels.

However, the top gaming gladiator will face fierce competition from contenders in a series of challenging video games including Nintendo NES’s Balloon Fight; PC Engine’s Super Star Soldier; PlayStation 2’s Burnout 3; Playstation’s Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo and the Sega Megadrive Super Hang On.

The first round will see contestants compete in five classic retro games at any time throughout the day with gamers able to follow their progress on a giant leader’s board. The top 16 scorers will then take part in double elimination knockout round the following day, with contestants going head-to-head from a list of ten video games chosen at random.

Andy Brown, Event Organiser at Replay Events said: “There are many talented gamers in Scotland, but we want to find out who really is the best. It’s going to be a tough challenge and if you pardon the pun, the winner will really need to be on their game.”


Brown added: “It’s a bit like an Olympic Decathlon event because contestants will need to excel at different types of video games to win and not just the video game they favour and play all the time.

“As well as being intense for those taking part, the tournament will be an exciting spectacle for the audience watching the gamers battle it out.”

Contestants who believe they have a chance of being crowned the Scottish Gaming Champion are encouraged to register for the tournament on the opening day of the show.

The PLAY Expo-the country’s biggest and longest-running event- is almost twice the size as previous shows and will fill the Intu Braehead arena as well as the adjacent curling rink at the retail and leisure destination.

For the first time, this year’s event will also feature live entertainment from Australian comedian, John Robertson. Robertson will host his hilarious live-action video game, The Dark Room, which sees members of the audience being trapped inside an imaginary retro video game.

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Sinead Donnelly


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