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Scottish Entrepreneur Launches ‘Instant’ HR Advice App

Ross Kelly


HR Advice App

Founder Stephanie Robinson has invested £120,000 into the new app for employees. 

A Scottish entrepreneur has launched an ‘instant’ HR and legal advice app, HR Solver, which aims to connect workers with HR experts and provide them with advice.

Launched by West Lothian native Stephanie Robinson, the app hopes to address the “pent-up demand” among distressed employees seeking access to advice.

Robinson, a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), said she spotted a gap in the market for a platform that can be used to reach out for quick, clear and impartial advice tailored to a broad range of situations.


“I realised just how many employees are in desperate need of discreet and accessible advice, and very few have any options besides costly lawyers, citizen’s advice or unions,” she explained. “I’m passionate about building a platform which empowers people and helps them with any HR issues they might have.

“It’s all about enhancing employee’s dignity and knowledge and, ultimately, improving their experiences at work,” Robinson added. “When this is achieved, both employees and employers win.”

The new app has an in-built glossary of HR terms, as well as an FAQ section for quick answers and calculators for everything ranging from statutory holiday entitlement to maternity pay.

A live chat feature also helps employees connect with a real-life certified HR expert in under 15 minutes. Since its launch in October, the HR advice app has been made accessible to more than 2,000 users.

Robinson also employs a team of qualified HR experts, all of whom are members of the CIPD and possess a deep understanding of HR issues – from grievances and bullying to disciplinary meetings and redundancy situations.

HR Solver also provides updates on industry news and the most recent HR decisions, using straightforward language to explain the often complex terms of employment law.

“Employment issues are hard to handle and fraught with emotion for employees and employers,” Robinson said. “The key to resolving these issues fairly is following procedures, adopting a non-judgmental approach, and helping employees get to grips with all of the employment rights available.”

Ross Kelly

Staff Writer

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