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Scottish Drivers EV Uptake Could Supercharge Through New Scheme

David Paul


Scottish electric vehicles
Scottish startup loveelectric wants to get low-cost electric car leasing to employers and their workforce through the ‘Drive Change’ campaign.

An Edinburgh-based ethical fintech is launching a new electric car leasing scheme to boost the uptake of Scottish electric vehicles (EVs).

loveelectric was founded by Scottish entrepreneur and former Money Dashboard CEO Steve Tigar, looking to make EV usage affordable for road users as we battle climate change.

According to the firm, increasing numbers of people say they want to switch to electric, particularly with the current increase in fuel prices. loveelectric can halve the cost of leasing an EV.

Any Scottish business that has been trading profitably for two years or more can sign up for free to enable their staff to enjoy the benefits. Their new car can be for personal or business use.

loveelectric searches the entire EV market to secure the best deals, with employees having the choice of around 200 EVs.

Commenting on his new project, Tigar said: “We want to see electric cars become the norm and easily accessible for everyone.

“Scotland’s drivers want electric cars now, and with COP26 just around the corner, it’s become a huge talking point. Switching to electric is one of the biggest ways to make a real difference and tackle the climate emergency.

“I believe organisations can be a force for good which is why we’re in the process of becoming a B Corp2. It’s about making a difference, and we all need to make that difference right now.”

loveelectric said their business “eliminates the hassle of traditional company car schemes”. Its platform “allows employees to handle the simple leasing process themselves”.


Tigar continued: “We want to support all businesses to empower their staff to make the switch to electric. Our Drive Change campaign is designed to raise awareness of the difference electric cars make compared to those which run on petrol and diesel.

“We are committed to helping thousands of employees switch in the next 18 months, collectively saving them millions.

“In addition to the monetary savings, the benefit to the environment is priceless. Our app will show the emissions we reduce and the money we save, together.

“Why wait until 2030? It’s time to switch now! Reducing our carbon tyre-print is the biggest way the average person can make a real difference.”

loveelectric comes as the Scottish Government looks to ban the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars by 2030. Currently, a quarter (25%) of the UK’s harmful CO2 emissions come from road transport alone.

As part of its Drive Change campaign, loveelectric has set a target of helping 10,000 drivers switch to electric in the next 18 months, collectively saving them £100 million, the equivalent of £250 per month each.

David Paul

Staff Writer, DIGIT

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