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Scotland’s Cyber Awards Celebrates Pioneers and Champions

Brian Baglow


Scottish Cyber Awards 2018

The prestigious Scottish Cyber Awards take place tonight in central Edinburgh, celebrating Scotland’s success stories.

The 2017 Scottish Cyber Awards take place in central Edinburgh tonight, recognising and celebrating the most innovative, pioneering and successful work being done in Scotland.

As the number of high profile attacks against, public sector organisations, private sector companies and – more worryingly – critical infrastructure continues to grow, the role of cybersecurity in Scotland’s future economic growth and overall safety has also increased.

This recognition has also led to a significant growth in the awards themselves. A larger number of high calibre entries, across a greater number of categories has led the awards receiving its highest ever number of entries and moving to Edinburgh’s glitzy Sheraton hotel.

Categories in this year’s awards include: Best Cyber Start-Up, Best Cyber Breakthrough and Outstanding Woman in Cyber, among many others.

This year’s awards has also attracted major backing, with lead sponsor PwC joined by key partners Zonefox, Symantec and DIGIT.

Scottish Cyber Awards Outstanding Women Award 2016Mandy Haeburn-Little, the chief executive of the Scottish Business Resilience Centre, which hosts the awards, told DIGIT: “Following the success of last year’s event I am sure everyone is really looking forward to tonight.

“There is truly amazing, ground-breaking work happening in Scotland and it ranges from small but brilliant innovations, to work in schools and universities and by crime-fighting authorities.

“These awards help recognise the importance of this rapidly growing and sector to Scotland and give us an opportunity to celebrate the talent that we simply must do our best to keep hold of.

“It really does make a difference too. As an example, ZoneFox was able to use its awards success last year as a catalyst to go on and secure major funding and – as a result – create a large number of important jobs in the past 12 months.

“Good luck to everyone nominated for an award, you have already achieved so much and we hope you continue to do such inspiring work.”

Colin Slater, Cyber Security ​Partner at PwC in Scotland said:, said: “This is ​our second year sponsoring the Cyber Awards and we’ve been absolutely delighted to be involved. It’s an interesting time for the industry given the ever-increasing profile cyber security is receiving in Scotland and events like this are not only raising that awareness further but also encouraging others to see ​the cyber security industry a​s​ ​an attractive career path.”

The complete list of categories and nominees for the 2017 awards are:

Best Cyber Start-Up

Best new Cyber Talent

Collaboration With Police Scotland

Cyber Evangelist Of The Year

Cyber Resilient Community Impact Award

Cyber Security Teacher of the Year

Outstanding Women In Cyber

International Contribution to Cyber Security

Leading Light Innovation

Best Cyber Breakthrough

Best Cyber Education Programme

Leading Diversity in Cyber

Outstanding Cyber Team

Ray Bugg, the managing director of DIGIT, said: “Cyber security can no longer been seen as an added benefit, but is absolutely fundamental to the social and economic well being of the country. Scotland has produced many pioneers in the field and will, we hope, continue to do so. The Scottish Cyber Awards are a fantastic showcase for the sector and allow us to highlight the most pioneering, creative and successful companies and people in the field today.

“The very best of luck to all of the nominees.”

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Brian Baglow


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